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sound familiar

Does this sound familiar?

You feel scattered, distracted, & like you're constantly spinning your wheels
You want to level up your business but get stuck keeping up with client work
You love setting goals but struggle to maintain consistency & end up behind
You feel overwhelmed by everything you want to do & don't know where to start
You regularly come up with amazing biz ideas but never can follow through
You find yourself falling behind on business upkeep & important CEO tasks

show me how!

Easily managing those unplanned interruptions without stress

Starting every day knowing exactly what you need to work on

Starting new projects and actually following through with them from start to finish

Regularly completing CEO tasks so you know your business is running smoothly

can you imagine...

Change is Possible.

guess what?

Having time for client work AND new business ideas

Consistently leveling up your business because you have time in your schedule

Setting goals & actually crossing them off your list

start today!

1.5 Hours of Video Lessons from Vision Casting to Goal Setting teaching you exactly how to plan your goals from start to finish

Here's what's inside:

A brand new goal setting system you can implement in just one day so you can stop feeling like you're falling behind & start consistently crushing your goals


Crush Your Goals with Christi

A repeatable time tracking inventory so you can figure out where you are losing precious time in your day

A goal setting worksheet you can use over and over again to set attainable goals that work for you

Audio version of the Lessons if you prefer to listen rather than watch!

A daily planning worksheet you can use day after day to make sure you get the right things done & let go of the rest

Bonus: Access to Private Office Hours with Christi & Facebook Group with Live Q&As

The most important CEO tasks you should be doing & how to implement them consistently

bethany p.

Whether your business is thriving or has hit a brick wall, Christi’s course will inspire and encourage you! I urge all female entrepreneurs to take this course - it will renew your vision, define your purpose, and kickstart your energy

I urge all female entrepreneurs to take this course!

gerry-ann b.

Despite being in Africa without my normal daily schedule, I have had one of my most productive years personally. So incredibly thankful for Christi's course. My brain functions so much better with this system!

I've had one of my most productive years

author & blogger


How to focus on your passions and what actually matters to you so you find yourself inspired by your goals not overwhelmed

How to prioritize tasks so you can consistently move forward

In this course, you'll learn:

My entire 5-Step System to Crushing Your Goals & maintaining progress instead of fizzling out in the middle

How to discover what time of day you work best so you know when to plan the most important business tasks

Repeatable patterns you can count on to achieve your goals

Time-saving hacks to reducing distractions so you get more done in less time

Why your previous goal setting systems have failed and how to find real, lasting change that works for you

The most important CEO tasks and how to block time in your schedule to tend to them consistently

Everything you need to be able to start crushing your goals consistently in just one day

i want in!

The secret to consistently achieving your goals is accountability & community. You'll get access to the Christi's Biz Besties Facebook Group so you can maintain consistency & progress PLUS regular Q&As with Christi!

Part 3: Support & Accountability

Get access to repeatable worksheet templates for goal setting, daily planning, and taking inventory of your time so you can make consistent progress every day after day, week after week, year after year.

Part 2: Worksheet Templates

I'll walk you through vision casting, finding your purpose and breaking down your goals into actionable steps & how to actually find time to put them on your schedule.

Part 1: The 5-Steps to Consistent Goal Crushing System

what's inside

crush your goals
with christi

Here's What's Inside

Consistently Crush Your Goals

From initial planning process to following through & planning your day, you'll learn everything to start consistently crushing your goals after just one day of training.

CEO Audit Tasklist so you know which tasks to audit every quarter

Regular Facebook Live Q&As with Christi to get support

Plus these bonuses:


You can finally maintain consistent progress on your goals again & again!

16 Short Video Lessons in 5 Modules covering Vision Casting, Prioritizing, Goal Setting, Daily Planning, & Maintaining Consistency so you can keep the progress up day after day, year after year! ($147 value)

Here's how it all breaks down:

Time Tracking Inventory Worksheet to Find Out Where Your Time is Going ($34 value) 

Goal Setting Worksheet & Action Plan ($34 value)

Daily Planning Template ($15 value)

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of $541, but you can enroll today for a special investment of $30!

CEO Audit Tasklist & Planning Guide ($15 value)

Course Audio Recording ($30 value)

Access to Private Facebook Group for Support ($97 value)

BONUS list system for getting stuff done ($49 value)


If you're not satisifed with this product, contact me within 30 days of purchase to get your money back. There's literally no risk!

100% Money back guarantee

special sale!

This special price is going away SOON so don't hesitate!

PLUS BONUS: Access to the CEO Business besties Facebook Group & Monthly Q&A FB Lives

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For 10 years, I was a portrait & wedding photographer in the southeast. After my husband got a job in Silicon Valley, we packed up everything and moved away from the place we'd called home our whole lives & I had to build a brand new business from the ground up. 

I've tried several times to maintain consistent goals, but it wasn't until I embraced who I was fully including my passions & all those unique parts about me that I was able to fully realize my goals. Not only that, but I realized that one of the keys to consistency is community. 

In 2020, I launched my first membership community that helped female entrepreneurs streamline their businesses & crush their goals. After a couple reiterations of the membership, I decided it was time to take the system & turn it into an affordable mini course that you can complete in just one day so you can truly see success right away!

Let’s Get to know each other

hi friends!

I'm Christi Johnson



You've tried one-size-fits-all goal setting systems in the past and they haven't worked for you!

wondering if this is the right fit?

This Course is PERFECT For You If...

You're ready to embrace your passions & purpose so that you can build inspiring goals more aligned with your values

You're a solopreneur in charge of your own schedule that sometimes needs a little help to stay on task

You have projects you want to work on that are outside of your regular client work that will build your biz forward

You like worksheets, task lists, cheat sheets, & organizing all the things, but you sometimes feel like they fall flat.

You want to be involved in a community so that you can find accountability & build relationships to keep you on track

This Course Might Not Be Right For You If...

You already have a goal setting system that is working for you

You don't have major projects you want to implement beyond your client work

You don't need help with getting those consistent CEO Tasks done (like financials, systems audits, goal planning, marketing planning, etc) because you already have scheduled time for that & you're maintaining consistent progress already

yeah, that's not me.
i want in!

This is the LOWEST price I’m EVER going to offer it. After this Grand Opening Sale, it will go up to $59 and will never come back this low again

If you start today, you can start making plans & crushing your goals in just ONE DAY (as in, TOMORROW if you start today!)

You deserve to feel fullied in your business & know that you're working on the right tasks that will move your business forward.

You deserve to feel successful & have actual metrics to show that you are crushing your goals! 

I offer a money back guarantee so there's literally no risk involved. You can start today & see change right away.

The time is now!!!

don't waste another minute!!

Here's why you need to get into Crush Your Goals with Christi TODAY!

i'm ready! SIGN ME UP!

bethany p.

Whether your business is thriving or has hit a brick wall, Christi’s course will inspire and encourage you! Christi’s lessons helped me to define my “why” and finally discover my purpose for being an entrepreneur. The worksheets she provided really helped guide me as I organized my many business thoughts and strategies. I urge all female entrepreneurs to take this course - it will renew your vision, define your purpose, and kickstart your energy!



No. 1

I've been there, done that! I know how frustrating it is to set goals & then look back the next quarter and realize you didn't accomplish most of them. That's why my system is made for flexibility and focuses on your passions & casting a vision so you're sure your goals are in line with who you are! Plus, I have a money back guarantee so there's no risk!

No. 2

That's okay!! The lessons are not the only part of the course. You'll get worksheets & cheat sheets so you'll also have practical, hands on help to achieve your goals. Plus, I also offer an upgrade of a full workbook that goes over the entire system so if you need extra help you can just add that on!

No. 3

You can always email me your questions anytime at and I'll answer on my monthly Facebook Live. You can also join those live & ask your questions in the comments so that if you have a follow up question I can help you right away!

No. 4

This training is designed to be completed in just one day so that you can learn the system quickly & start implementing it right away. The course is under an hour, and the worksheets will take you less than an hour. If you get the workbook upgrade, that will take you another hour to work through. So that's just 3 hours between you & consistent goal crushing!

No. 5

While the materials are designed for a business owner, you could use the tools in my system for personal goals as well. Plus, I have a money back guarntee so you can always try it and if it doesn't work for you y, just let me know!

No. 6

YES! Community & accountability is the KEY to successful goals. That's why EVERYONE that signs up gets access to the Business Besties CEO Facebook Group. But if you need EXTRA help and want consistent weekly calls & accountability, then you can sign up for my Business Besties CEO Community! We have monthly masterminds & weekly coworking so you'll have the support you need to crush your goals.

gerry b.

Despite being in Africa without my normal daily schedule, I have had one of my most productive years personally. So incredibly thankful for Christi's course. My brain functions so much better with this system!

Crush Your Goals with Christi

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PLUS BONUS: Facebook Community Access & List System for Getting Stuff Done!

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If you're unhappy with your purchase, contact me within 30 days of your purchase to get your money back. There's literally no risk involved!

100% money back guarantee

You really can crush your goals consistenty & maintain progress. The key to building a business that lasts is moving forward & building in time to work on leveling up. 

With the 5-Step Crush Your Goals System, you can discover your passions, get inspired, & find practical tools to plan your day in a way that works for you & helps you flourish beyond what you thought possible.

All of this is just one day away. Are you in?!

& Build a business that lasts

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