Q: What's included in your rate?

Q: What kind of clients
do you accept?

Q: lightroom or photoshop?

Q: so... you just batch edit then?

Q: What if i'm not happy with 
some of the edits?

Q: When can i expect my images?

Q: how do we share images?

Q: do you post my images
on your social media pages?

Q: how will i pay you?

My rates are per-image and include color correction, copping/straightening, and basic spot removal and blemish removal. I will work with you to master your editing style and create consistent galleries. I'll study your edit history in Lightroom, adjust any sliders necessary, as well as apply any presets that you may use in your editing. 

No! While I do sync settings onto groups of images, I promise that I look at and tweak every single image. I spend time on each one to make sure they all match your style and each other. If you use presets, I won't just apply the presets and then call it a day. I'll view and adjust every image until they look perfect!

I work mostly with busy wedding photographers, but I also love working with portrait clients! I am currently seeking clients that value their businesses and are ready to experience the freedom that working with an editor brings by outsourcing the majority of their galleries.

I edit exclusively in Lightroom. I work with clients who use Lightroom CC 2015 (formerly Lightroom CC), Lightroom Classic CC, the newer mobile-friendly Lightroom CC, and Lightroom 6. Because of the slower rendering times in the newer Lightroom CC, those clients will have a higher rate. I also do any culling work in Lightroom.

I welcome and encourage your feedback on my edits. That's the only way I'll learn! It may take me 1-4 catalogs to truly match your style, so we'll need extra patience in the beginning. I have a satisfaction guarantee, and I stand by it. I work very hard to master your creative vision!

I work with each photographer's unique workflow to deliver their images when they need them. In our initial phone call, I'll ask you various questions about your workflow process to understand how you work! I can deliver a gallery in 3-4 business days, but if you have a longer workflow I will schedule accordingly!

We'll share Lightroom Catalogs with Smart Previews. I'll setup a Dropbox folder for us to easily pass along these files to each other. I will give you step by step instructions on how to build smart previews, how to export your catalog, and how to import the edited catalog back into Lightroom when I'm finished!

I don't post my clients images on social media without their permission. Some photographers don't want their clients to know they have an editor, while some tell everyone about it! I will support you either way! If I have permission to share, I will credit you in all images I share!

My rates are per-image, and you'll receive an invoice to your email address monthly. This way, if you send me 10 galleries in one month, you'll only be billed once. I will send it on the 25th of the month and payment will be due on the 1st. Any late payment will be subject to a $15 or 3% late fee, whichever is greater.

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I do basic spot and blemish removal in Lightroom. Because I edit using Smart Previews and not the RAW images, I do not open photos in Photoshop and airbrush skin, remove large objects from images, change backgrounds, or perform headswaps. If you are looking for a photo retoucher, I recommend checking out! 

Q: do you offer culling?

I offer culling services in Lightroom at a rate that is per image delivered to me.  You will export all the images as a LR catalog to our Dropbox folder. As an example, if you have 1000 images you want to cull down to 300 and have me edit 300, you'll pay my culling rate for the 1000 photos plus the editing rate for the 300 photos.


While my rates are per-image, I do require a $35 minimum per catalog. Additionally, my editing services are meant to match your style and edits that you're already doing. I do not try to edit your images with "my" style. If you need just one or two images edited, I recommend