You don't have to do it alone anymore.


hey, soloprepreneur!

BEEN THERE. Done That. There has to be a better way, right?

sound familiar

Does this sound familiar?

You feel lost and alone in the solopreneur life.
You're not sure if you can ever level up.
You are almost ready to throw in the towel because sometimes it's just too hard.
You wish you had someone you could just ask questions to & get real support.
You feel like you can never take a break because if you do you'll fall behind
You constantly have things left on your to do list at the end of the day

show me how!

Regularly crushing your goals & making room for new ones

Knowing exactly which tasks to prioritize so you can let go of the rest

Having consistent time to work on your business & maintain that forward motion

can you imagine...

You're Not Alone

guess what?

Having time to do what you love, spend time with family, & go out with friends

Waking up excited to get to work because you love what you do

Being a part of a community that has your back, cheers you on, & celebrates you

start today!

We focus on your values so you work effectively not just efficiently (not just getting stuff done, but getting the RIGHT stuff done)


The complete method for clarity, confidence, and community so you can feel like you're making progress on your dreams every single day.


Christi's Biz Besties

We have consistent coworking calls so that you always have built in time to work on leveling up your business

We have monthly masterminds so you can bring your challenges to the community & workshop solutions

We have monthly workshops on different business topics so you're constantly learning

We have built in CEO Days so you always have time for those important tasks that usually fall through the cracks

The community is real, empowering, open, and honest so you can be yourself & feel truly seen

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what's inside the
biz besties membership

i want in!

jen v.

Christi is so hands on, unlike other communities I've been a part of. If you’re considering joining her group, definitely do that asap; it will be the best thing you’ve done for your business!  

It will be the best thing you've done for your business!

gerry-ann b.

Despite being in Africa without my normal daily schedule, I have had one of my most productive years personally. So incredibly thankful for Christi's group. My brain functions so much better with this system!

I've had one of my most productive years

author & blogger

pinterest coach & photographer

Uncover the why behind your business so you can quit the comparison & follow your dreams

Choose goals based on your values so you can focus on what matters

In this community, you'll learn how to:

Break down goals into actionable steps so you can crush the overwhelm & accomplish more than you thought possible

Eliminate distractions so you can get more done in less time

Eliminate what’s no longer serving you so you can make space in your schedule to do more of what you love

i want in!

Learn to prioritize your most important, money making tasks so you can reduce your stress & overwhelm

The secret sauce of Christi's Biz Besties is the community. We lift each other up and cheer each other on constantly. You'll always have someone to go to when you're feeling low. You'll get accountability and support from your peers & you can show up as yourself.

Step 3: Community

We focus on mindset work so you can have confidence in yourself and show up for your clients. When you act as if your goals have already happened, you'll show up differently. Each zoom call will bring you closer to that confidence you crave every day.

Step 2: Confidence

Through the workshops & masterminds, we'll clarify your most important tasks so you can get laser-focused on your goals and stop feeling overwhelmed & stressed all the time

Step 1: Clarify

what's inside


Here's What Drives

The Freedom to Flourish Method

My 3-Step Framework for Clarity, Confidence, and Community so you can make progress on your dreams every single day

You don't have to do it alone anymore! You were built to belong!

  • Recordings of all workshops + accompanying downloadable PDFs
  • Discounts on one-on-one coaching sessions with Christi

Plus these bonuses:


Monthly Goal Setting Sessions the first Tuesday of every month at 1pm Eastern Time ($47 value per month)

Monthly CEO Task Days the second Tuesday of every month at 1pm eastern time so you have dedicated time to work on those important tasks that often fall through the cracks like recordkeeping, sending invoices, etc. ($47 value per month)

Here's how it all breaks down:

Quarterly Q&A Sessions on every 5th Tuesday at 1pm Eastern Time so you can get hands-on help where you need it ($47 value per quarter)

Weekly Virtual Coworking Sessions on Thursdays at 11am eastern time so you have dedicated time to work on your goals ($60 value per month)

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of $465.67 per month, but you can enroll today for a special investment of $30 per month

Monthly Masterminds the fourth Tuesday of every month at 1pm eastern time so you get help right where you need it from the collective brain of your peers. Think group coaching on steroids!  ($199 value every month)

Monthly Workshops the third Tuesday of every month at 1pm eastern time on a different business topic so you are constantly learning how to run your online business ($97 value per month)


There’s literally no risk involved, because you can cancel your membership any time.


special sale!

This special price is going away SOON! For this special sale, you're getting almost 70% off the total price!

PLUS BONUS: Private Voxer Support Chat Absolutely FREE

join today!

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For 10 years, I was a portrait & wedding photographer in the southeast. After my husband got a job in Silicon Valley, we packed up everything and moved away from the place we'd called home our whole lives & I had to build a brand new business from the ground up. 

I struggled with comparison, and I was constantly feeling like I couldn't keep up. I would surf Instagram & find myself discouraged, not inspired. I knew there was a better way. I wanted MY dream life - not SOMEONE ELSE'S. I wanted to achieve my goals. And I didn't want to be stuck to my desk. I wanted to work less & play more.

In 2018, I developed a system that helps me utilize my unique gifts & talents so I know I'm fulfilling my purpose, but it also helps me get more work done in less time. Now I'm able to rest knowing I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. And I want to help you feel the same thing!!

Let’s Get to know each other

hi friends!

I'm Christi Johnson



You feel lonely in your business because you spend most of your time alone (or not around other adults) at home

wondering if this is the right fit?

Christi's Biz Besties is Perfect For You If...

You feel like you were made for more and want to level up your busienss but keep falling short of your biggest goals

You want to be able to take breaks & do what you love without feeling like you'll fall behind in your work

You feel overwhelmed and constantly have tasks left on your to do list at the end of the day

You have an overcrowded schedule & you want to eliminate what's not working so you can do more of what you love

You are craving community and really want to be a part of a group of business besties that supports each other

The Biz Besties CEO Community May Not Be Right For You If...

You’re already living your dream life & you know you're doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing

You're confident in your goals, you know that they're the right ones for you, and you're already starting on your next ones

You have loads of time to do all the things you want to do because you're a time management master

You’ve got all your workflows & automations in place, and you’re already outsourcing several parts of your business 

yeah, that's not me.
i want in!

You're not interested in being an active member of the community

bethany j.

Christi's  videos are packed with powerful truths; she is a great coach and “accountability partner” for your business, and she genuinely wants you to succeed and love what you do! 

Christi's videos are packed with powerful truths

nichole m.

The community has supported me through the launch of my podcast, online etsy shop, and getting more into print sales in my photography business. I've loved bouncing ideas off of the other girls before I open something up to the world.

I've loved bouncing ideas off of the other girls!

photographer & podcast host

piano teacher & performer

This is the LOWEST price I’m EVER going to offer it. After this Founding Members Sale, it will go up to double the price and will never come back this low again

You don’t want ANOTHER MOMENT of loneliness to invade your life. You deserve to be supported by the community now!!

Don’t let overwhelm take over your business for one more second

You deserve to find clarity on your purpose & fulfill your calling

You deserve to spend more time doing what fires you up

The time is now!!!

don't waste another minute!!

Here's why you need to join Christi's Biz Besties TODAY!


nichole l.

Having a close knit community of other creatives to keep you accountable is so, so important for growing your business. It's so hard to pursue our passions in a traditionally "lonely" career working from home with not much human interaction. This membership gives just the right amount of encouragement balanced with a solid kick in your pants we all need to be our best! You won't regret joining!

You won't regret joining!



No. 1

Yes!! When you sign up today, you get multiple levels of support. First, you'll get access to our Facebook group where you can get help from the wider Biz Besties Community There's such value in hearing different perspectives!! Secondly, you'll also get access to weekly coworking calls & bi-weekly mastermind chats so you can get support in a small group setting. PLUS you'll get access to our private voxer chat for help between calls.

No. 2

Not at all! While there are some tried & true methods I recommend, the mastermind chats help you discover what's right for YOU so that you can build YOUR dream life (not some random Instagram influencer's) & find the systems that work for YOU

No. 3

Yes! That's what it's ALL about! I'll post regularly in the Facebook group where we can keep each other accountable to finish the lessons. You'll also get access to our weekly coworking calls, our bi-weekly masterminds, our quarterly goal setting parties, & our yearly CEO audits AND our private voxer chat. This group is ALL about accountability & consistency.

No. 4

With our mastermind chats, you could see results after the first call. Most members see results in the very first month. BUT many of them choose to stay year-round because of the coworking and mastermind chats are SO valuable.

No. 5

I love this question!!! This is not just a course about how to get stuff done faster. While we do talk about productivity techniques & workflows, we go deeper than that!! We focus on WHY you might have trouble getting stuff done so it's easier to overcome. We also focus on your VALUES & the WHY behind your business so that we don't just get stuff done, we get the RIGHT stuff done. & that will bring you more joy!! BUT the MAIN thing that sets this program apart is the community. You'll actually have time to work on your goals & gain a community of biz besties.

No. 6

I hear you!!! I've tried programs that haven't brought me the results they promised. & I don't that to happen to you! That's why this program is month-to-month. You can cancel your membership at ANY time!

rachel w.

Just try it for a month. Write down your doubts about why you wouldn't want to join and see if they are still there by the end of the month with this membership.


rachel w.

I'm so excited Christi is launching this and would 10/10 recommend it if you're a creative looking for an incredible community to get involved with that will support you & encourage you as you continue on this journey with your business!

I would 10/10 recommend it!

nichole l.

If you are looking for someone to cheer you on or feel like you've been in a creative or business slump, you definitely need to be a part of Christi's group. She is so encouraging and really strives to give you every ounce of value she promises!

You definitely need to be a part of Christi's group

photographer & podcast host

wedding photographer


There’s literally no risk involved, because you can cancel your membership anytime.

cancel your membership any time

special sale!

This special price is going away SOON! For this special deal you're getting almost 70% off the total price!!

PLUS BONUS: Private Voxer Chat with other Members Absolutely FREE


special sale price!



Christi's Biz Besties

start today!!



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