I help female entrepreneurs set actionable goals & create value-based productivity plans so they can quit the comparison game and achieve their goals with confidence. 

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I am a Greenville, SC native & just spent two years living in the Bay Area of California. I believe that we fulfill our God-given callings by pursuing our interests passionately and serving others through them for His glory. Playing the comparison game is the quickest way to feeling like a fraud. My mission is to help female entrepreneurs find their purpose and fulfill their callings unhindered from fear, stress, cumbersome systems & pointless time wasters.

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I believe your dream life is just around the corner.


Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth, "you owe me." Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.

I was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina. I'm a pastor's daughter and I was a homeschool kid, so I can be a little quirky. But I think all of us are a little quirky in our own way! I like to think my awkwardness helps my clients feel like they can be themselves (that's what my friends tell me at least).

I got my first summer job at 15 as a lifeguard. My family are huge swimming nerds, so later I became a head swim coach too. I coached for 6 years and loved it! I bought my first DSLR camera in 2008 and started photographing seniors and sports events. It wasn't too long before I discovered the joys of wedding photography. 

"We meet no ordinary people in our lives"
~ C.S. Lewis

In 2016 I went on the most epic road trip ever with my friend Ashley. We traversed 25 states in 35 days. It was my first time experiencing more of the country than just my little corner of the southeast. That trip opened up new worlds to me and I love traveling so much! 

Friendship is incredibly important to me. I've had 2 of the same best friends my entire life (seriously), and I've been blessed to add a lot more over the years. Truly, I value spending time with family and friends above all else because I believe people are eternal. That's the reason I've created a business that works for me. A business where I have time to explore & spend time with people & do what I love!

If I can build freedom into my business, so can you! 

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Let’s Get to know each other

I'm married to Matt, an insanely smart software engineer who can solve a Rubik's cube blindfolded. I have a master's degree in Piano Performance and love bringing people together through music. I'm a coffee lover, a wannabe swimming enthusiast, and a Christ follower.

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banff national park

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dirt by mary marantz

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On December 26, 2018, Matt and I moved across the country to Mountain View, CA

moving to California

the adventure of a lifetime


In 2017, I married the love of my life at a small lakehouse ceremony on Lake Carolina! 

marrying matt

the love of a lifetime


In 2016, I went on an epic road trip with my friend Ashley. We traversed 25 states in 35 days.

traveling across the us

the trip of a lifetime


There are three moments in my life that proved to be the most impactful, and they all happened in the span of about 3 years. Here are the highlights!

but here's the short version

We all have a unique story...

I took piano lessons as a kid and it stuck with me. Those years practicing as a kid gave me the dilligence & drive that I take with me to this day. I attended a liberal arts university in Greenville and obtained a B.M. in Church Music and a M.M. in Piano Performance. I LOVED my time at college and grad school. Music was a regular part of my life, whether it was in choirs, chamber groups, attending concerts, or studying for music history tests.

it all started with a love of music...

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I was a wedding photographer for 10 years in the southeast! I don't just love capturing memories, but I also loved the business side of things. I realized early on that was rare for a creative entrepreneur! Now I help make the business side easier for my fellow creatives and show them that with the right planning anything is possible and can be made easy! If I can do it, so can you!

next came a love for business...

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When we moved to California, I decided to quit photography so I could have my nights & weekends free to spend with Matt and to explore California. After being a private editor for 2 years, I realized I wanted more than just a typical desk job. What I crave most is freedom. I want a business that works for me and allows me to do more of what I love. I've found that and so can you!

now i'm building my dream life

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my story

i want in on that!

You can live a wholehearted life and invest in your families and friends in an even greater way...
You can grow your business to new heights without being restricted by comparison...  
You can take breaks and rest because your business systems will work for you, even when you take time off...
You can pursue your passions vigorously and reclaim joy, fun, and play in your life... 
You can take hold of your callings and affect change in peoples lives beyond your wildest dreams…

do more of what matters


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