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Creative Business Business Roadmap

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• Step-by-step help from vision casting to understanding your client to marketing and MORE!

• A jumpstart to help you start building your dreams business right now

• Bonus podcast playlist that takes you more in-depth through each step

• Anyone ready to start a service-based or online business but wants help making it happen

• Growth-oriented creatives who are overwhelmed by all the steps to start a business & aren't sure where to start 

• Aspiring business owners ready to get unstuck & start building their dream life




Let’s Get to know each other

hi friends!

I'm Christi Johnson


I have been right where you are. I know the overwhelm and demands of being a business owner. It is not easy! I've launched 4 successful service-based businesses and each of them took time & effort but also confidence & strategy to make them work. I regularly teach people how to take their biggest dreams and make progress on them step by step. And I want to help you! As a stragetist, I'll help you cut through the tangled webs of your business & ideas and give you actionable steps so you can say goodbye to the overwhelm & hello to feeling aligned & at ease!

(it's totally free!)


Start building the business of your dreams with this FREE guide with the 8 steps to start your business. In this guide, you'll learn the exact roadmap to take to go from 0 clients to fully booked sooner than you think!

8 steps to start your business

free guide!

bethany j.

Christi is a great coach and accountability partner for your business, and she genuinely wants you to succeed and love what you do!