• Four worksheets: Uncovering Your Why, Defining Success, Discovering Your Passion, and Casting a Vision

• Prompts to actually write a mission & vision statement for your business

• Clarity on your purpose so you can focus on work that lights you up!

what will you get from this worksheet?

Free Vision Casting Worksheet Bundle


gerry-ann b.

My brain functions so much better with this system of following goals. I've had one of my most productive years!


Equal parts southern hospitality & California openness, I love getting to know people honestly. I value real conversations & tough questions, even though I don't have all the answers. I believe we accomplish our true work when we embrace who we are and our unique talents. We each have our own God-given callings &  playing the comparison game is the quickest way to feeling like a fraud. My mission is to help female entrepreneurs find their purpose and fulfill their callings unhindered from fear, stress, cumbersom systems & pointless time wasters.

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