Hi there, I'm Christi! For 10 years I was a wedding and portrait photographer. Now, as a private photo editor, I am privileged to serve my clients in ways that make their businesses thrive. My passion is cheering others on and coming alongside them to meet their needs and watch them flourish. I love the nitty gritty details of editing and organizing, and I have truly found my niche in the creative industry! I'd love to serve you fully so that you can fully serve your clients!

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With a private photo editor, you can spend less time on the mundane task of editing and more time on what truly drives you: serving your clients and capturing their memories. You'll have the freedom to fully follow your passion!

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By outsourcing the less profitable parts of your business and focusing on those parts that are more profitable, your business can truly grow. You have unique skills and talents that deserve to add value to your business. So let them!

Are you ever so busy that your editing starts piling up? With a private editor, you'll never fall behind in your editing. And with my help, you get the added benefit of having your images in the hands of a fellow photographer who knows your struggles!

I will work with you to learn and understand your creative style and produce edits that align with your vision. I will study your edit history in Lightroom and edit any sliders to successfully reproduce your style. I will also happily apply any presets that you use. Not only will I make color and light corrections, but I will straighten, crop, and provide basic spot removal edits.

Photo Editing Services

Every photographer has their own unique workflow and process of culling, blogging, and delivery. I will work with you to make sure you get your images when you need them! Whether you have a 30-day or a 7-day workflow, I will align my schedule to match your workflow. As an efficient Lightroom editor, I am able to edit a wedding catalog within 3-4 days of receiving it.

By editing with Smart Previews, I am able to make adjustments to your images without having to spend hours downloading every single RAW image onto my computer. You'll export your catalog, I'll edit on my computer, then I'll transfer it back to you. With Dropbox, we are able to easily share Lightroom catalogs. I'll give you specific instructions on how to do this!

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"I instantly felt a huge sigh of relief as soon as I sent my first wedding gallery to Christi. She was incredibly thorough and kind, and I could tell she really wanted to get to know my style and the thought process behind it. Her turnaround time was unbelievable, especially for the level of quality of her work. And when I scrolled through the images she'd edited for me, I could have cried. It felt like a huge burden had been lifted off my shoulders! No more countless hours spent behind the computer which allowed for many more hours doing what I love most-- being with my clients and also living my life outside of work. Not to mention, every photo she edited felt "like me." I was amazed at how she had really learned my style and delivered consistent images I loved and felt represented my business well. Investing in Christi's services was the best business decision I've made all year! My only regret is not doing this sooner!"


"If you’re looking for an editor who cares about creating beautiful and consistent work, Christi is the editor for you! I was afraid to start outsourcing, but Christi has made the process incredibly easy. From our initial call, I could tell that she really wanted to nail down my style and get into my head to understand how I handle different situation when editing. I used to spend 10-12 hours editing a wedding and now I can use that time to grow my business in other ways while still delivering the same high quality work to my clients. I can’t recommend Christi enough!"


"Christi is absolutely wonderful to work with! I was a little daunted by the process (I'm not very tech savvy), but Christi made it so easy from the very beginning! Outsourcing my editing gave me back valuable time and my couple was SO happy with their images! I would absolutely recommend Christi to anyone!"