Too many business owners feel they are not worthy or able to achieve their dreams. They often lose hope or just quit altogether.

But when someone gives them practical steps to achieve their dreams, they feel empowered to do anything.

I provide education to creative business owners because everyone deserves to have a life they love, a flexible schedule, and money in the bank.

I Help Creatives Find 
the Freedom to

WELCOME! I’m christi johnson

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Tired of feeling overwhelmed in your business?

BEEN THERE. Done That. 

BUT YOU DON’T HAVE to stay stuck.

I believe that you can have a life and a business that you love, and you shouldn't have to waste time and money on strategies that don't work. That's why I created values-based resources for the passionate creative entrepreneur. Think of me as your personal business bestie!



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Learn my best step-by-step business tips for the passionate values-based business owner!

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Over 19 prompts to help you get down to your deep desires & find what truly drives you

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Pull up a chair & stay a while! I've created some resources just for you. If you want help finding purpose for your business, check out my free guide on Uncovering Your Why. If you want to hear me process real life, check out my podcast. If you're ready to make big moves in your business, check out my course!

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Equal parts southern hospitality & California openness, I love getting to know people honestly. I value real conversations & tough questions, even though I don't have all the answers. I believe we accomplish our true work when we embrace who we are and our unique talents. We each have our own God-given callings &  playing the comparison game is the quickest way to feeling like a fraud. My mission is to help female entrepreneurs find their purpose and fulfill their callings unhindered from fear, stress, cumbersom systems & pointless time wasters.

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hi friends!

I'm Christi Johnson


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bethany p.

Whether your business is thriving or has hit a brick wall, Christi’s Freedom to Flourish course will inspire and encourage you! 

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make more money without ever leaving your house.

48 Hours to Launch Your Editing Business

In this mini course, you'll learn everything you need to open the doors to your editing business in just 48 hours! I'll teach you how to:
 - Open, edit, & deliver files using Smart Previews
 - Price yourself as a private photo editor
 - Communicate with potential clients effectively 
 - Use keyboard shortcuts to edit faster
You'll also get a pricing guide template, swipe copy & email templates, & a start your business checklist!

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work less. get more done.
experience freedom.

The Freedom to Flourish

In this course, you'll learn my complete framework for setting goals aligned with your values and breaking them down into actionable steps. We'll find your exact roadblocks to productivity and I'll help you eliminate distractions. You'll actually create a schedule that helps you get everything done while doing more of what you love. You'll also gain access to my private office hours where you can get support directly from me and ask questions!

In this 20-minute mini-course, I'll show you how to set up a business bank account, register for a business license, and prepare for tax season. I'll also share resources for contracts and business insurance. Grow your business in confidence with these steps!

As a Sole proprietor

Legalize Your Biz

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In this 18-minute mini-course, I’ll walk you through some best practices for blogging to boost your SEO. We’ll talk about what SEO even is, using keywords correctly, optimizing your blog titles, coming up with content, writing tips, and so much more!

Let your blog work for you

Blogging for SEO

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Join my free community for creative entrepreneurs. Each week I go live on a different business topic & help break it down step by step with time for Q&A afterwards. You'll also get support from fellow business owners just like you! Learn alongside others, achieve growth, & find the freedom to flourish you've been looking for!

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The Community


rachel w.

I'm so excited Christi is launching this and would 10/10 recommend it if you're a creative looking for an incredible community to get involved with that will support you & encourage you as you continue on this journey with your business!

I would 10/10 recommend it!

nichole m.

If you are looking for someone to cheer you on or feel like you've been in a creative or business slump, you definitely need to be a part of Christi's group. She is so encouraging and really strives to give you every ounce of value she promises!

You definitely need to be a part of Christi's group

The Blog

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This one little trick can help you stay focused while you work!

stay focused while working from home with time blocking


If you aren’t using workflows in your business, you’re wasting time!

how to save yourself hours of work in your business with workflows


Knowing what success means to YOU can help you beat the comparison game.

how to know if you're successful

I’m sharing my best tips for creating your weekly schedule!



Join me each week as I share marketing tips, business tips, and goal setting and productivity tips for small business owners & creative enrepreneurs. Whether you're a seasoned business owner or you're just starting out, every week you'll walk away with step-by-step, actionable tips to help you quit the comparison, crush your goals, & build your dream life so you can flourish beyond what you thought possible! 

for the values-based business owner

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jen v.

Christi Johnson is so helpful. If you’re considering joining her group, definitely do that asap; it will be the best thing you’ve done for your business!

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Get access to my free worksheet on creating an action plan for your goals! You'll get prompts to help you connect your goals to your purpose, motivators to help you stop spinning your wheels & start creating, & space to break down your goals into milestones & action steps!

Goal Setting Action Plan Worksheet

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Get access to my free worksheet on casting a vision & uncovering your why. You'll get over 19 prompts to help you get down to your deep desires and find the why behind your business.

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