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business strategy

Do you need help in your business?

i'm ready to be your personal business bestie!

Do you feel overwhelmed by everything there is to do in your business? Ready to add a team member?Or do you need accountability to achieve your goals? Whether you need clarity on a project, actionable next steps, or need someone to take over managing the day to day of your business, I'm here to help!


If you're ready to handoff the day-to-day management of your business so you can just focus on serving your clients, I'm here for you! I can manage your inbox & calendar and deliever weekly tasks for you so you can get out of the weeds & focus on what lights you up!

Online Business Management

If your systems are a hot mess, I can help you organize (or set up!) your project management software, CRM, or just get you a better system for keeping up with your tasks. I can also set up email automations & funnels so you can work smarter not harder!

Complete Systems & Automations Setup

If you just need a business boost, we'll hop on a zoom call and really dive into what's holding you back from accomplishing your goals. I'll help you prioritize your most important tasks and give you step-by-step action items to make progress every single day!

Strategy Sessions


support for creative entrepreneurs




are you ready to stop feeling overwhelmed & start achieving your wildest dreams?

  • Be your sounding board and accountability partner
  • Clarify your short term & long term goals 
  • Deliver goal action plans
  • Inbox & calendar management
  • Weekly task management for you and/or your team
  • Set up, organize, or maintain your systems in Trello, Asana, or ClickUp
  • HoneyBook or 17Hats complete systems setup and/or maintenance
  • Set up email funnels in FloDesk or ConvertKit
  • & so much more!


How I Can Help:

I know the overwhelm and demands of being a business owner. It is not easy! I've launched 4 successful service-based businesses and each of them took time & effort but also confidence & strategy to make them work. As a stragetist, I teach people how to take their biggest dreams and make progress on them step by step. And I want to help you! I'll help you cut through the tangled webs of your business & ideas and give you actionable steps so you can say goodbye to the overwhelm & hello to feeling aligned & at ease!

You don't have to do it alone anymore!



  • Monthly support for your business so you can work on what you want to and pass off the rest to me! 
  • CRM maintenance, inbox & calendar management, and check in calls
  • Option to add on weekly task and/or team management
  • Voxer Support to ask me any questions between calls
  • $800 - 1500 per month depending on the level of support you need.


Online Business Management

Single Sessions

  • One-hour Zoom Strategy Session to get help you get unstuck and give you a boost for your business
  • Recording of the session so you don't forget anything we talked about
  • One week of Voxer Support after the session to answer follow-up questions
  • Starting at $175
  • Complete Systems Setup in HoneyBook, 17Hats, Asana, ClickUp, FloDesk, or ConvertKit
  • SOP Documentation Videos to learn how to maintain your systems or teach a VA to maintain them for you.
  • Ranging from $800 - $1500 depending on what systems you need set up

White Glove Systems Setup

You find the "business side of things" difficult and want help with your systems, processes, or planning

You constantly have tasks on your to do list that keep getting pushed to the next day, next week, or just never get done

these sessions are perfect for you if:

You feel like something is missing in your business and aren't sure you're totally aligned with where you want to be

You want someone who in the business with you & on your team

Your mental cup is overflowing and there's too much on your plate. You're maxed out and need direction and help now!

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You regularly start new projects and have trouble finishing them

You have so many business ideas you aren't sure where to start

You are new to the business world and are overwhelmed by everything it takes to get started. You need some guidance!

whether you're a seasoned pro or brand new biz owner, hiring a strategist will help you find clarity, alignment, & launch you forward!

You're tired of doing things alone & want accountability to get stuff done

rachael c.

I absolutely loved my mentorship session with Christi. Not only did I gain knowledge, but I gained a mentor that is honestly there for you 110%! She has been insanely helpful and has gone over the moon to give me advice. 

I gained a mentor that is there for you 110%

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stephanie d.

Christi is a wealth of information and knowledge and her energy is so contagious! She made me feel like starting a business was not daunting, but exciting! I now feel like that with the right steps and the right approach that I can do this! Thank you Christi!

I feel like I can do this!

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kira w.

My mentor session with Christi was amazing! She is a genuine and enthusiastic person that brings a joy to her work. She was able to answer all of my questions and more about my camera, editing/productivity software, and business in general. If you are looking for a mentor, Christi is the best!

If you are looking for a mentor, Christi is the best!

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stephanie d.

Christi is a wealth of information and knowledge and her energy is so contagious! She made me feel like starting a business was not daunting, but exciting! I now feel like that with the right steps and the right approach that I can do this! 

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