How to be Impactful in Your Messaging

How to be Impactful in Your Messaging

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Today I’m answering a question I got on Facebook! Someone said they are starting a podcast & want to know how to be impactful in their messaging. This is such a GREAT question! It’s important to make sure that your content is impactful in terms of reach & message. This will help you have an impactful business, so let’s dive in!

What does it mean to be impactful?

In order to have an impactful business, your message needs to be something that your audience wants and needs. It needs to be something that is going to affect them personally. So something that they can take action on and maybe even make their life better. So how do you do that?

Ask Your Audience What They Want to Hear

First, you want to ask them! What do they need? Put polls up on your socials, reach out to your email list, or talk to the people that are always liking your posts & reacting to your stories. If you don’t have a large social media following, think about things people are always asking you. Is there anything you are good at? Do people ask you for help in a certain area? Creating your message around what people want to hear is going to boost your impact.

If people aren’t asking you questions all the time about things, think about what someone would need to know before working with you. What do they need to get where you want them to be? Create a customer journey step by step that walks through the process. Then write or talk about that!

Do Market Research

Another way to build an impactful business is you can also do some more in-depth market research. Get into Facebook groups where your ideal audience hangs out. Listen to what people are asking commonly. See if you can get on the phone with people and hear from them what their challenges are. I think anytime you launch a new product, you need to hear directly from people who need what you want to offer. Ask them what challenges they are facing and what they want to know. You can use their exact words to form your message & even to write your sales copy.

You can also do market research on google or Pinterest by seeing what things people are searching or what popular PIns or posts come up when you do a search on your topic. If it’s popular with someone else’s audiences, it’s likely to be popular with yours too.

Format it so they can take immediate action

No matter what, to be impactful your message needs to be actionable. If you are giving a really long lecture that is complicated and has a lot of details, your message may get lost. What action do you really want your audience to see? What transformation should take place? How can they achieve that transformation? It’s a good idea to break things down step by step so that people know exactly what action they need to take after listening to your content.

When I was learning how to create an online course, my instructor, Steph Woods, told us that we need to create our learning objectives before we even begin to write our lesson. Why? Because if we lose sight of the objective our students might be confused. It’s the same with your audience. Think about the objective and keep that front and center.

You can also do this by having a clear call to action in every single episode or blog post. If you want them to download a resource, tell them that’s what you want them to do. If you want them to donate to a cause, you have to ask them directly. Don’t think they will get the idea just from your content. Tell your audience what action they need to take!

Keep it Succinct

This is not going to apply to every single situation. But in general, it’s best to keep your message succinct. Edit yourself so that you aren’t rambling. If you add more words sometimes it can make it more confusing. You might think you are clarifying, but you might actually be confusing. So think about what your audience needs to know. Then think, how can you express that to them in the simplest way? Keep it easy for them to comprehend.

Amplify Your Reach through Multiple Platforms

You can also amplify your reach and build an impactful business by delivering your content in multiple ways. You can repurpose your content to get the message across in different formats. For example, for the podcast, I always post a blog post. The blog post is great for search engines to come across it & include it in their results.

I also put a video on TikTok and Instagram. Then I post a small clip with captions on Instagram as well. Next, I send it to my email list. I also put Pins on Pinterest. (by the way, check out Jen Vazquez for an amazing Pinterest membership). That way there are multiple touchpoints for people to interact with me.

Not only that, you can craft your social media content to talk about bite-sized pieces of your larger content. For example, if you have a weekly podcast episode with 5 tips for people to get help on a certain problem, you can make a social media post every day with one of the 5 tips. Then you’ve turned that podcast episode into 5 days of content to amplify your reach!

If you’re sharing a small clip of your podcast episode, focus on the first 5 seconds. People are going to tap through or scroll on by if they aren’t immediately interested. So make it something that will capture their attention & make them want to listen to the full episode.

Talk about it & talk about it often

If you want to have an impactful business, you want to talk about your content way more often than you think. It takes people multiple times of viewing something or hearing something to take action on it. You might think that you’re talking about your message a lot. But you probably should still talk about it more! Talk about it in your posts, in your podcast, in your stories, and to people you talk to in person.

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