Preventing Burnout in Entrepreneurship with Katrina Widener

Preventing Burnout in Entrepreneurship with Katrina Widener

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You can prevent burnout in your business!

Busy season is here whether we like it or not and that means burnout might be closeby!

I don’t know about you, but I am BUSY. In fact, busy season came EARLY for me this year. I wasn’t fully prepared for it.

I told my husband the other day I feel a low grade sense of anxiety like… all the time.

Can you relate?!

I think it’s especially important to guard ourselves against burnout in this season.

Every year I tell myself I’m going to put things in place that will make me not hate my life when October rolls around. While I still feel that busyness and anxiety right now, I do have to say I am closer to my dream reality this year than I’ve ever been.

Why? Because I’ve seriously been working on showing up how I want to show up and setting boundaries that make that possible.

Today on the podcast, Katrina Widener is telling us how to do just that and more

She’s sharing exactly how to prevent burnout as an entrepreneur and what to do when you start to feel it coming.

Listen in to this episode for some much needed relief!

About Katrina

Katrina Widener is a business coach, podcast host, and community leader. Simply put, she helps established entrepreneurs make more by doing less — reaching full alignment in their business through Human Design, business strategy, and mindset. Say ‘see you never’ to draining compromises, and elevate your empire in a way that feels joyful and builds wealth.


Burnout and overwhelm are some of the most common struggles amongst all entrepreneurs. By approaching our businesses from a proactive — not reactive — place, we can strategically build them to prevent burnout from the beginning. 

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