Are you feeling overwhelmed in your business? Do you often set goals & jump ship halfway through? Do you struggle with overcoming fear in business? I think a huge contributor to that is setting goals that are too vague. So how do you remedy that? By setting microgoals. Let’s talk about it! Microgoals: The Key […]


Listen Below: Starting a Business Before You’re Ready Today on the podcast I chatted with Meghan & Crosby Brackins from True Foundation Photography. They are wedding, real estate & branding photographers & videographers who share about starting before they were ready. In this episode, they share their journey of becoming wedding photographers and how Crosby […]

Starting before you're ready


Katie Jaynes from Katie Jaynes Photography shares with me how community helped her grow her business. What started out as being the friend who photographed all the special occasions turned into a successful Wedding & Portrait Photography business serving Anderson and the Upstate that’s 8+ years strong. Katie also shares what it’s like working with […]


What Does Marketing Fatigue Look Like? First, we are better able to realize we are experiencing marketing fatigue by a feeling. It feels bad. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, or marketing your business is overwhelming, that is marketing fatigue. Sometimes just putting words to the feeling is helpful. Another piece is if you’re scared to […]

combatting marketing fatigue as a creative with juli smith of the garter girl


How to Take Back Control of Your Thoughts, Beat Overwhelm, & Find Your Path with Life Coach Kristen Alanah It’s a great one for you today! Kristen Alanah is a life coach in Greenville for overwhelmed millenial women. She helps women ditch the feeling over overwhelm & live a more intentional life. She’s also the […]

How to Beat Overwhelm & Take Back Control of Your Thoughts


Jordan Kentris from A Good Day talks to us about embracing the hidden power of criticism. How do we step back from the emotion? How do we parse through criticism to get to the core of what we need to change? Listen in for the full conversation. Jordan is the founder and owner of a […]

Embracing the Hidden Power of Criticism with Jordan Kentris of A Good Day


Honesty, Authenticity, and Connection are core values for me. Yet they’re so lacking in the business world. Let’s be honest. Business is hard. And being a solopreneur is even harder. Some days we feel like we’re rocking it, and some days we feel like we are failures. Sometimes that even changes hour by hour. On […]

authenticity and attracting the clients you want


Have you ever tried photographing your products and wondered why they never look consistent? Or maybe you’re not sure why you’re getting a weird orange hue to your images. Or maybe it’s a blue hue. Well, I’m here to help! In September, I’ll be speaking at Danielle Kaminski’s Makers & Shakers Conference, and I’ll be […]

3 Keys to Consistent Product Photos - Even Using Your Phone!


PR for Creatives – Give Your Brand A Voice in 2022 In today’s episode, I chat with Meghan Ely of OFD Consulting on PR for Creatives: How to Give Your Brand a Voice in 2022 with PR. Ever wondered how your business owner friends get featured in magazines? Or how they get quoted in local […]

PR for Creatives - Give your Brand a Voice in 2022 - Title Card for Freedom to Flourish Podcast


The Power of Collaboration in Growing Your Business Today we talk about the power of relationship building, community, & collaboration to grow your business. Ashley has moved a few times & successfully relaunched her business in each new place through community. Finding your people is so important to surviving as a small business owner & […]

The Power of Collaboration in Growing Your Business - Photos of Ashley Paul and Christi Johnson for the title card with a blue and white background

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