Google Analytics for Busy Business Owners

Google Analytics for Busy Business Owners

Using Google Analytics to Bring More Traffic To Your Website

Today I’m chatting with Google Analytics Expert, Christie Osborne. Christie owns Mountainside Media, a marketing agency that specializes in ads, analytics and market research.

She’s a proud data nerd who uses marketing data and research to develop scalable strategies for busy event pros. Simply put, Christie has a passion for turning data into dollars. This is what gets her clients off the marketing hamster wheel and on the path to sustainable marketing success.

On this episode, we talk about how you can use the information from Google Analytics to bring more traffic to your website & get more qualified leads in your inbox. She shares with us her 3-question framework that will empower you to achieve your goals & make sense of the data from Google Analytics.

What information are you looking for? What action do you need to take?

When it comes to any data, you just need to know what information you’re looking for and what action to take based on that information. If you know what action you need to take, you can begin to ask the right questions and use the data to your advantage.

3 Basic Questions to Start with in Google Analytics

For Google Analytics, there are 3 basic questions you need to start with. First, how much traffic are you getting? For local, events-based small businesses, you need to see at least 1200 sessions a month.

Next, you need to find out if the traffic you’re getting comes from the right people. Are they qualified leads? If you’re an event pro, it’s the traffic you’ll want will be in marrying age, about 25-35 years old. Your metrics will also skew to a specific gender depending on your industry. And then, you’ll want to make sure it’s local traffic. As a Greenville-based business, you want to make sure most of your traffic is coming from Greenville or nearby cities. Think about your target audience and who is typically hiring your services. That’s the kind of demographics you want to see on your page.

The third basic question to ask about your data is are the people visiting my site interested in working with me? You can tell this through which pages they’re spending the most time on. If they want to work with you, it should be your services page, your investment page, your inquiry page, your about page. If a lot of traffic comes from Pinterest, it might be your blog page. But this is where it starts to get dicey. If they’re just visiting your blog page and not the other pages, it’s likely they’re just going to your site for inspiration and not because they actually want to work with you.

What if Your Website is One Page Only?

What about website designs that are one page only? Christie says to think about the average time someone would spend on your page to thoughtfully engage with the content. That’s what you want to see on the site. If they’re clicking away fast, they probably aren’t interested in working with you. One thing you can do to increase engagement is to have a video on your site.

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