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Why You Need to Build Passive Income If anything, 2020 taught us the need to diversify. If something happens to your main source of income, you need a backup! Not only that, if you are only trading one-for-one your time for money, there’s only so much you can make because you are limited by the […]

passive income


Why Invest in Business Education? Investing in education as a business owner is one of the best things you can do to jump start your business. Finding the right resources can potentially save you YEARS of time! It can help you know your craft better and give you a roadmap to success. Not only that, […]

investing in education to grow your business


Setting Quarterly Goals The start of a new quarter is the best time to refresh your goals! You can reframe old goals, let go of ones that are no longer serving you, and start new goals. Let’s dive into a goal refresh together! Celebrate Your Wins The best thing to do at the start of […]

setting goals for the quarter


Why Managing Your To Do List is Hard We all struggle with staying on top of our to do list. Part of it is because we wrongly equate our self-worth with productivity. We are also just bad at estimating time. We forget that things come up, and then when we don’t accomplish things as quickly […]

The simple and effective way to slay your to do list every day


We All Struggle with Comparison Do you ever log on to social media and see another person winning at life and feel like you can’t measure up? Or do you struggle when you see other people’s offers like courses or podcasts and feel inadequate because it just means there is ANOTHER thing you have to […]

how to find freedom from comparison in your business


One of the best way to serve your audience, connect with them, keep them coming back for more, and make them want to buy from you is to consistently put out quality content online. But sometimes the pressure to post can be so overwhelming. Today I’m sharing with you my best tips for how to […]

how to create consistent content online without increasing stress


How to Create a Professional Website On Your Own (& What Every Website Needs to Have!) Every business needs a website. It’s your home base, and it communicates what you are about to people. Some people say you can get by with just a Facebook page or an Instagram, and I think that’s okay as […]

How to Create a Website On Your Own


Today I’m going to show you how to create a values based productivity plan for your business to get the right stuff done and do effective work consistently. Before we dive in, I want to know, does any of this sound familiar?  You’re just starting out in business, you see someone successful and think you […]

how to get the right stuff done using a values based productivity plan


Where to Find Clients Today I’m sharing where to find clients to help you grow your business! Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned business owner, you can use these tips to get more clients! 1. Start with Your Circle First, you want to start with your circle! Tell all of your friends and family […]

where to find clients to grow your business

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