Habits are so important! Stephen Covey said, “you are what you repeatedly do.” And that’s true! Your habits show what you value. Often, our habits show where we spend most of our time. Today, I want to share with you my game-changing habits for 2021 and 3 ways to help make sure your habits stick. […]

cultivating habits for success & how to make sure they stick!


Here are 3 ways to consider setting up your schedule to accomplish your goals little by little. 1. Use Batch Work & Time Blocks Batch working is one of the best ways to get a lot of work done in a shorter amount of time. It’s just when you do multiple of the same type […]

how to accomplish your goals little by little


Setting Quarterly Goals The start of a new quarter is the best time to refresh your goals! You can reframe old goals, let go of ones that are no longer serving you, and start new goals. Let’s dive into a goal refresh together! Celebrate Your Wins The best thing to do at the start of […]

setting goals for the quarter


Using Automation & Outsourcing to Make it Through Busy Season Busy season is coming up. Are you ready for it? Do you feel like you spend more time answering emails than getting out there doing your best work? Are you completely overwhelmed with all the mundane tasks in your business? If so, it’s time utilize […]

using automation & outsourcing to make it through busy season


Why Managing Your To Do List is Hard We all struggle with staying on top of our to do list. Part of it is because we wrongly equate our self-worth with productivity. We are also just bad at estimating time. We forget that things come up, and then when we don’t accomplish things as quickly […]

The simple and effective way to slay your to do list every day


How to Plan a Really Big Project Without Feeling Overwhelmed Today I’m sharing with you about how to plan a project without feeling overwhelmed. Specifically how to plan a really big project! Have you ever started a project and then not finished because you realized it was so complicated? Or have you ever had truoble […]

how to plan a project


We all struggle with procrastination. It’s a struggle! Well have you ever thought about why you procrastinate? Have you really dug deep down? Well that’s what today’s episode will be all about! I am going to cover the the 3 Ws of Procrastination: What, When, and Why. Knowing these can help you know how to […]

how to stop procrastinating


One of the best way to serve your audience, connect with them, keep them coming back for more, and make them want to buy from you is to consistently put out quality content online. But sometimes the pressure to post can be so overwhelming. Today I’m sharing with you my best tips for how to […]

how to create consistent content online without increasing stress


Today I’m going to show you how to create a values based productivity plan for your business to get the right stuff done and do effective work consistently. Before we dive in, I want to know, does any of this sound familiar?  You’re just starting out in business, you see someone successful and think you […]

how to get the right stuff done using a values based productivity plan


3 Ways to Save Time & Reduce Stress While Working Today I’m sharing about 3 ways to save time & reduce stress while working from home! This was originally an IGTV Video, but I’ve converted it into a blog post for you today! 1. Incorporate Batch Work into Your Schedule Working in batches can save […]

3 ways to save time and reduce stress while working

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