How to Build a Sales Funnel

July 12, 2023

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How to Build a Sales Funnel

Does the thought of a sales funnel make you want to run away? It used to do that to me too! But once I realized that a sales funnel is just the series of steps that it takes for someone to purchase from you, I wasn’t so afraid of them anymore. Today, I want to demhstiy sales funnels. We’re going to break it down so that it’s easy! Let’s dive in. 

Parts of a Customer Relationship

Donald Miller in Marketing Made Simple talks about the 3 parts of a customer journey. Curiosity, enlightenment, and commitment. I would add one more piece to that and that’s awareness. In order for someone to get curious about you, they first have to be aware that you exist! Creating a lead magnet (also called lead generator or freebie) is a GREAT way to build awareness. 

Reverse Engineer Your Lead Magnet

A lot of people get overwhelmed at the thought of creating a lead magnet. Maybe they aren’t sure what they could offer that people will want to download. They spend hours figuring it out and sometimes just give up. An easier way to create a lead magnet is to reverse engineer it. The purpose of a sales funnel is to guide a customer on the path to buying. So what are you selling at the end of the funnel? Start there.

Your Signature Offer

All parts of your sales funnel should lead to one place – your signature offer. This could be a high-ticket service that you sell. Or, it could be a digital course. Whatever it is, you want to keep the purpose of the sales funnel in mind throughout. 

Your Lead Magnet should Introduce Your Signature Offer

What do people need to know before they buy your signature offer? Are there any concepts you need to introduce? Or, you can just give them the path that they will take. The class syllabus, so to speak. Donald Miller says to give away the “how” and sell the “what.” So your lead magnet should tell your clients what they will learn in the signature offer. 

Make it Juicy

Now, I am a big believer that your freebie should be JAM PACKED with information. Don’t just give them an outline and call it a day. Is there some way you can give them a TON of information but still reserve the “how” for the signature offer” The way I do this is I give them my Creative Business Roadmap. I tell people all the steps they need to take to start a business. But, I go a bit more in-depth too. Each step comes with a bit more information to help them so they have a good starting place. 

Ask them to Buy Early

If you want to make a lead magnet really effective, I suggest also having a Tripwire. A tripwire is a low-ticket item that you sell on the Thank You Page of your lead magnet. This is usually under $30. I like to think of this as something that will make the freebie better. Or something that will make it easier for them to complete the freebie. It could be a $10 workbook to go along with your free webinar. Or a $30 video lesson to go along with your pdf. Something that will skyrocket their success!

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