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What’s a Nurture Sequence? A nurture sequence (or a welcome sequence) is a series of emails that someone would receive after subscribing to your list by way of a lead magnet. It’s a 3, 5, or 8 email sequence with one email going out each day.  The goal of the welcome sequence would be for […]

Email Nurture Sequence The Third Email


If you didn’t catch the first episode introducing welcome sequences & how to write the first email, go back and listen to it before you start!  Today I’m sharing about writing a welcome sequence: the second email! Introduction to Welcome Sequences When writing each email, make sure you keep in mind the goal of your […]

writing welcome sequence


Where to Find Clients Today I’m sharing where to find clients to help you grow your business! Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned business owner, you can use these tips to get more clients! 1. Start with Your Circle First, you want to start with your circle! Tell all of your friends and family […]

where to find clients to grow your business


I’ve got a short and sweet episode of my new podcast, The Values-Based Business Podcast just for you! This week I’m tackling email marketing. Specially, I’m going to walk you through how to write the first email in your welcome sequence! Email Marketing for the Values-Based Business Owner Email marketing is a GREAT tool for […]

welcome sequence writing tips: how to write the first email


Growing an email list can be daunting, but with the right strategy it can be easy! Today I’m sharing 3 places that you can find email subscribers. I’m not sharing about Instagram here because that one is too obvious! Instagram is obviously a great way to connect with your audience & share about your lead […]

where to find email subscribers


Last time I shared with you some starting steps to start your email list. This week I want to talk about what you should actually include in your emails! This will not be a step-by-step list or an exhaustive list, but some ideas to help get you started. You should choose the content that makes […]


Email Marketing is something that I had put off for a while simply because I didn’t know where to start! It all seemed overwhelming and foreign to me, so I just never did anything on it.  For a while I had a whopping 7 people on my email list. If you can even call that […]

Starting Steps for Email Marketing

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