Why Invest in Business Education? Investing in education as a business owner is one of the best things you can do to jump start your business. Finding the right resources can potentially save you YEARS of time! It can help you know your craft better and give you a roadmap to success. Not only that, […]

investing in education to grow your business


What’s a Nurture Sequence? A nurture sequence (or a welcome sequence) is a series of emails that someone would receive after subscribing to your list by way of a lead magnet. It’s a 3, 5, or 8 email sequence with one email going out each day.  The goal of the welcome sequence would be for […]

Email Nurture Sequence The Third Email


If you didn’t catch the first episode introducing welcome sequences & how to write the first email, go back and listen to it before you start!  Today I’m sharing about writing a welcome sequence: the second email! Introduction to Welcome Sequences When writing each email, make sure you keep in mind the goal of your […]

writing welcome sequence


Community is vital for any small business owner! When you have a strong sense of community, I fully believe that you can achieve more! They can help you feel less alone, help you solve problems, and bring joy into your life as a business owner. There are 5 ways that community is helpful, & I […]

finding community as a small business owner


How to Plan a Really Big Project Without Feeling Overwhelmed Today I’m sharing with you about how to plan a project without feeling overwhelmed. Specifically how to plan a really big project! Have you ever started a project and then not finished because you realized it was so complicated? Or have you ever had truoble […]

how to plan a project


One of the best way to serve your audience, connect with them, keep them coming back for more, and make them want to buy from you is to consistently put out quality content online. But sometimes the pressure to post can be so overwhelming. Today I’m sharing with you my best tips for how to […]

how to create consistent content online without increasing stress


How to Create a Professional Website On Your Own (& What Every Website Needs to Have!) Every business needs a website. It’s your home base, and it communicates what you are about to people. Some people say you can get by with just a Facebook page or an Instagram, and I think that’s okay as […]

How to Create a Website On Your Own


Today I’m going to show you how to create a values based productivity plan for your business to get the right stuff done and do effective work consistently. Before we dive in, I want to know, does any of this sound familiar?  You’re just starting out in business, you see someone successful and think you […]

how to get the right stuff done using a values based productivity plan


Today I’m helping make business planning easy by breaking it down into 5 steps! Before you get started, I want to let you know I Have a FREE Business Planning Workshop available for you!!! Check it out Here!!!!! When you watch the workshop, you’ll get access to my free business planning worksheet! The first […]

business planning in five steps


I’ve got a short and sweet episode of my new podcast, The Values-Based Business Podcast just for you! This week I’m tackling email marketing. Specially, I’m going to walk you through how to write the first email in your welcome sequence! Email Marketing for the Values-Based Business Owner Email marketing is a GREAT tool for […]

welcome sequence writing tips: how to write the first email

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