Welcome Sequence Writing Tips: The First Email

Welcome Sequence Writing Tips: The First Email

welcome sequence writing tips: how to write the first email

I’ve got a short and sweet episode of my new podcast, The Values-Based Business Podcast just for you! This week I’m tackling email marketing. Specially, I’m going to walk you through how to write the first email in your welcome sequence!

Email Marketing for the Values-Based Business Owner

Email marketing is a GREAT tool for the value-based business owner! It is such a great way to communicate your core values to your audience because:

  • You can communite directly to an audience that’s already interested
  • You can build the relationship weekly, or however often you email
  • There’s more space in an email to share your values!
  • You don’t have to compete with the distractions on social media

First of all, you need to know that email marketing doesn’t have to be complicated! With the write planning and breaking it down step by step, you can make it easy! If you want tips to get started, check out my other blog posts on email marketing HERE.

Customer Journey Funnel

Usually, the customer first hears about you through some kind of lead magnet that they download in exchange for giving you their email address. Then there are a series of steps they go through in your email marketing system! Here is a typical funnel:

  • Discovers Lead Magnet through your marketing
  • Visits Landing Page
  • Inputs email address & first name
  • Receives email to download the lead magnet
    • Let them know you’ll be showing up in their inbox
    • Ask to hit reply
  • Welcome sequence
    • Series of 3-8 emails, usually daily, ending in a
    • Pitch
  • Beings receiving egular email marketing emails

Today we are going to talk about how to write that first email in your welcome sequence!

The 3-Email Welcome Sequence

I start with a basic 3-email welcome sequence. You can always expand it later, but I like to start with the simplest iteration. It’s always best to go with the one that has the lowest barrier of entry to prevent overwhelm!

The 3-Email Welcome Sequence Includes:

  • Introduce Yourself (Day 1)
  • Explain the Problem – Get in their shoes (Day 2)
  • Offer the Solution – pitch your product (Day 3)

Writing the First Email in Your Welcome Sequence

Your first email in your welcome sequence is all about introducing yourself. If should include the following components:

1. Who You Are

Feel free to include personal tidbits! Your ideal audience will love this!

2. Who You Serve

Ideally, it would already be the people reading the email. If your lead magnet marketing was on point, then you’ll have no problem! But if somehow some people outside of your ideal audience got on the list, this would let them know who you are writing to and if they should stick around!

3. What To Expect

Let them know how often you will show up in their inbox and what kinds of things they can expect from you. What resources are you offering in the email? Let them know clearly so they know what to expect. Feel free to include quirky things about your personality!

4. Invite a Reply

Inviting them to reply and letting them know there’s a real person answering the emails can help to build the know/like/trust factor with your audience!

5. Link to your product or service

Some of your readers will already be hot leads and will be ready to buy! Give them the opportunity to invest in your product or services if they are ready!

Writing Tips for your Welcome Sequence

  • Keep it short & simple
  • Keep paragraphs short
  • Use bold text for the important parts
  • Write in your brand voice
  • Don’t overthink it
  • Remember you can always tweak it later

Don’t let writing your welcome sequence hold you back anymore from email marketing! I want you to put a time right now on your calendar that you will write the first email in your welcome sequence. Tune back in soon for how to write part 2!

Cheering you on,


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