How to Balance the Core Areas of Your Business

How to Balance the Core Areas of Your Business

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Do you struggle to keep up with all the things? You’re not alone. As business owners, we have to juggle so many tasks! Bringing balance to your business can feel daunting. Not only is there client work, there’s also admin work, financial tasks, social media marketing, sales, business planning, HR, and more.

How to Balance Your Business? Schedule Regular CEO Days

Today on the podcast, Jen Taylor from Jen Taylor Consulting talks to us about how to balance all these areas. The key comes into acknowledging yourself as the CEO and stepping up into that position. She suggests having regular “CEO Days” in your business to tend to the different executive-level tasks.

These CEO Days can be once a week, once a month, or even once a quarter in a retreat-style setting. Do whatever works for you! The important thing is having ia system to check over each area and do an audit plus upkeep.

If you want all of the details, make sure you listen to the episode above or in your favorite potcast player or download the transcript!

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About Jen Taylor: 

Owner and founder of Taylor’d Events, Jennifer Taylor carries over 15 years of wedding planning and has earned a wealth of knowledge throughout her career. While running her own business, she had the pleasure of working alongside highly innovative and talented creatives throughout the industry and beyond. 

She noticed that many creatives are predominantly right-brained—wildly imaginative and expressive, but missing the necessary structure to create logical systems in their companies. In launching Jen Taylor Consulting, she made it her mission to help creatives build streamlined workflows, processes, and procedures so they can grow their business and spend their time on what they love most — their craft, their family, and their life.

Jen’s systematic knowledge of the inner workings of creative businesses has brought her to national stages and major industry publications. She has spoken at conferences like The Special Event, NACE Experience, and ILEA, as well as chapter-based events for NACE, The Wedding Network, ABC, and Western Washington University. Her expertise has also graced the pages of WeddingWire EDU, Special Events, Catersource, Book More Brides, Honeybook, and Wedding Planner Magazine.

Outside of work, you can typically find her traveling throughout the West Coast or in Maui — the two markets her company serves for destination events. She also has a penchant for cooking and can often be found sipping on a refreshing glass of wine. 


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