Organize Your Canva Account with Brenda Cadman

Organize Your Canva Account with Brenda Cadman

Organize Your Canva Account with Brenda Cadman

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Canva is an incredible tool for any business owner! It’s great for creating graphics for Instagram, Facebook, and even your website or full presentations. You can also make videos in Canva! I literally use Canva every day in my business.

But oh boy can your Canva account get disorganied! Most people, myself included, just dump everything right into Canva willy nilly. Then it takes you forever to find your content! What yout need is to learn how to organize your canva account!

How to Organize Your Canva Account

The endless scroll thorugh projects can take up so much time. Do you get tired of that? I know I do! Well you’re in luck! Today on the podcast, Brenda Cadman is sharing how to organize your canva account so you can find things more easily.

She gives us so many tips that will help you spend less time in Canva and more time doing what you love! She recommends focusing more on the folders in Canva instead of “Your Designs” or the “Uploads” section for images. Listen in for the full conversation. Don’t forget to connect with Brenda to learn even more about how to organize your Canva account!

About Brenda

Brenda Cadman is one of only 25 verified global Canva Experts worldwide, and owner of Bon Accord Creative, a website development company based in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Brenda has been an entrepreneur for more than 22 years, and as a Canva expert, she’s taught thousands of small business owners how to use Canva more effectively and efficiently.

In particular, she loves to help business owners tame their hot mess Canva accounts by creating an organizational system that ensures they can spend less time in Canva, and more time doing what they love.

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