Goal Setting for the New Year

Goal Setting for the New Year

Hi friends! We’re back for another episode of the Crush Your Goals with Christi Podcast. This episode is all about goal setting for the new year. I’m sharing my yearly process for setting goals. I also have some resources for you that I’ll share here and at the bottom. I hope you enjoy this episode! Listen below!

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Goal Setting for the New Year

1. Celebrate your wins from the previous year

First, start by celebrating what went well for you in the previous year. What were some of your wins, big or small? Is there anything you are proud of? Take this time to reflect on the past year. Even if you had a hard year, this will help you think positively and bring gratitude into your life.

2. Reflect on what didn’t go well

Reflecting on the things that didn’t go well is also a helpful practice. You can use this to make changes on what you can control and release what you can’t. Are there any processes in your business that need to be shored up? Any relationships you want to tend to? And is there anything that you still need to process from last year? Use this time to write it all out and reflect.

2. Practice Gratitude

Next, take time to practice gratitude. What are you grateful for? Who are you grateful for? If there is anyone you’re grateful for, make it a point to tell them.

3. Bring excitement & inspiration into the new year

Next, I like to do a big brain dump of what I’m looking forward to in the new year. Ask yourself things like what are you excited about? What do you have to look forward to? Is there anything that lights you up? What do you want to bring more of in the new year?

4. Brainstorm your goals

Brainstorming is one of my favorite parts. Remember that when you brainstorm, you aren’t editing. Just write down anything that comes to mind. Here is your chance to get everything from your brain onto paper.

5. Divide your goals into quarters

Next, take your list and decide what you want to work on in Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. This could just be a simple process of math. For example, if you want to grow your email list to 1000 subscribers, you’ll want to add 250 per quarter, so that could be a goal for you. Or, you can choose 1-3 big goals to work on per quarter. You also want to make sure that you don’t overload Q1. You can’t do everything! Dividing it up this way will help you be more honest with yourself about what you can accomplish

6. Deep Dive into Quarter 1

Finally, do a Deep Dive into Q1. What are your 1-3 overarching goals? You can divide them into January, February, and March if that is helpful. I like to choose my monthly tasks, my weekly tasks, and my daily habits. This is where you can get into creating your action plans.

That’s it! Great job with your goal setting! If you need any support reach out to me at christi@christijohnsoncreative.com. You can also sign up for my Goal Setting Challenge below!

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