Demistifying Coffee Chats with Business Owners

Demistifying Coffee Chats with Business Owners

connecting with other business owners

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Today on the podcast podcast I’m talking about demystifying coffee chats. Coffee chats are a great way to connect with other business owners and learn from their experience. Asking someone out for coffee can be intimidating and controversial, so I’m here to clear things up and give you the confidence to crush your goals.

First, it’s important to understand that not everyone is open to meeting for coffee. That doesn’t mean it’s anything against you, it’s simply their personal preference. If someone does say no, don’t take it personally.

When you do ask someone for coffee, make sure you respect their time and don’t take advantage of it. Don’t expect them to give you free advice or keep asking over and over. It’s okay to be curious, but it’s important to have a humble attitude and be open to rejection.

Finding people to meet with is easy. You can start by messaging people on social media or look for local groups, networking events, or mention it to friends and colleagues. You can also look for people who offer mentorship. It’s always a nice gesture to cover their meal or coffee as well.

I’m a huge believer in community over competition. When one of us wins, we all win. I’m a huge supporter of HoneyBook and the Rising Tide Society who promote the creative economy. That’s why it’s important to be humble and courteous when asking for coffee, and to recognize that this is a big ask.

Finally, I want to emphasize that it’s okay to take in advice from multiple people, but not to take everything they say as gospel truth. Everyone has different ways of doing business, so don’t feel like you have to follow their lead. So there you have it, the demystification of coffee chats. I hope this gave you the confidence and clarity you need to reach out to other business owners and learn from them. If you ever have any other questions about business, please feel free to reach out to me at

I’m always happy to help. Now go out there and crush your goals!

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