Where to Find Clients

Where to Find Clients

where to find clients - 8 places to try to grow your business

Where to Find Clients

Today I’m sharing where to find clients to help you grow your business! Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned business owner, you can use these tips to get more clients!

1. Start with Your Circle

First, you want to start with your circle! Tell all of your friends and family about your business. Not only that, tell every new person that you meet what you do. Tell them with confidence! You ARE a professional. When someone asks what you do, tell them confidently about your business. Even if your business is just a side hustle right now, LEAD with your business! The goal is to have as many people as possible know about you, so do this with everyone you meet.

2. Attend Networking Events

Networking groups like The Rising Tide Society or other groups of fellow business owners are a great place to get more clients. Often, these people are going to also be working with your ideal audeience. Many of them will already have established businesses. You want them to think of you when they think of “photographer” or “maker” or “make-up artist” or whatever it is that you do! You can even attend many of these events virtually. And again, confidentely tell them about your business!

3. Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are one of the BEST places to find potential clients. Join groups where your ideal audience will be hanging out. Try local groups, interest groups, or any group you can think of that your ideal audience would spend time. In these groups, focus on bringing value. Answer questions, ask questions, and get involved. The more you are involved the more people will recognize you and think of you as an authority. Then, respond to posts when people ask for your services!

I have a little hack for searching groups. You can search all your groups at once for certain keywords and then bookmark those search queries. Then, you can check those bookmarked searches once a day for new posts to make sure you aren’t missing any leads. Also, always follow up with a DM along with a personal connection AS WELL AS posting a comment. You want that comment to appear in other search results. But the DM will go much farther in helping people want to book you!

4. Google

Google is often the first place people go to find a product or a service. You want to make sure that your website shows up in those results. That’s why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial! Make sure that you optimize your pages with keywords that your ideal audience would be searching.

Also, blogging is a GREAT way to boost your ranking in Google and appear in search results. Write posts about ANYTHING you think your ideal audience might be searching for. If you want help for how to optimize your posts for search engines, check out my FREE lesson on Blogging for SEO.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is another search engine that people spend LOADS of time on. And no, it’s not just for recipes or fashion or interior design!! If you sell something, you need to be on pinterest. You can share your blog posts on Pinterest, especially if you are already posting blogs about topics your ideal audience will be searching. You can also share your work and your products. Make sure you use Tailwind to save TONS of time and get more traffic. I also recommend checking out Jen Vazquez’s resources on Pinterest!

6. Social Media

Are you surprised that social media is all the way down at number 6 on my list? That’s because I think all the ones I mentioned above are a lot more effective than social media AND less time consuming. BUT it’s still a good idea to be on social media. The best way to gain clients on social media is to 1) post regularly 2) make sure your name has your title first because it’s searchable 3) connect with your audience in stories 4) host giveaways to get more people hearing about you 5) post reels because they are hot right now and 6) use hashtags based on location and category. Check out displaypurposes.com for help with finding popular related hashtags. It’s so easy! Also, use Later.com to automate your posts to save time!

7. LinkedIn

I know what you’re thinking. Do people still use LinkedIn anymore?! Yes, they do! Especially people just out of college, businesspeople, people in education, and people looking for jobs. There are a lot of people on there! The thing is, you want to make sure that you are hanging out where your ideal audience hangs out. If you know that your ideal audience isn’t on LinkedIn, then don’t waste your time on it. But consider it especially if your ideal audience would be spending time there!

8. Paid Advertising

Yes, I intentionally put paid advertising at the bottom because I want you to know how many places you can find clients without paying a dime! When it comes to paid ads, there are so many strategies. If you want to advertise on Facebook or Instagram, I recommend joining some Facebook groups like Facebook Ad Hacks to get help or listening to Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast.

Also, you can consider paid listings. I was listed on a website called The Outsource Bar and it worked really well for me. Ask your colleagues or ask around in your Facebook groups for what sites have worked for people and ask about their strategies if they are willing to share.

There you go! There are 8 tips for where to find clients. I want to invite you to join my FREE facebook group for creative entrepreneurs over at facebook.com/groups/freedomtoflourishcommunity. We have a great time over there and I go live each week on a new topic where you have the opportunity to ask questions! I hope to see you there!

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