January Piano Performance | Schumann Träumerei (Dreaming)

One of my goals for this year is to share more music with others! In 2016, I graduated with a masters degree in piano performance. If I’m being honest, I haven’t learned any new solo pieces since my graduate recital in November 2015. That’s over two years without really using the degree that I worked so hard for! I have taught lessons here and there and collaborated with others for their recitals, but I haven’t learned any solos!! I decided that 2018 is the year that changes!! You can read more about that decision in one of my previous blog posts HERE. Today I’m sharing with you my performance of a piece by Robert Schumann called Träumerei from his “Kinderszenen.” In English, that translates to Dreaming from “Scenes from Childhood.”

This year, I set a goal of learning 12 new pieces in 2018. They didn’t have to all be difficult, some could be short, some could be long, and I could start early on the longer ones as long as I was learning something new each month. One a month. Sounds easy, right? Hah! After realizing how long the piece I chose as my March piece will realistically take me to learn, I’m not sure I’ll actually end up with 12, but we’ll see! Because of copyright law and all of that good stuff, I probably won’t be able to share every performance with you via YouTube video. My favorite music to perform is post-1900 music, and most of that music is not in the public domain!! But I do have some plans for a fall recital in the works! I’d love for some of you to come hear me play and hear my progress for this year!!

I decided to start off January with a short piece that I could tackle in just a few weeks. This is a gorgeous selection from Schumann’s Scenes from Childhood, written in 1838. My performance is not perfect, by any means, and yes I know that you can hear my clock ticking in the background lol, but I am happy to be sharing some music with you!! I hope you enjoy this short, beautiful piece!!

Robert Schumann – Träumerei (Dreaming)


  1. What a sentimental feeling. You are such a great pianist. Träumerei, “Kinderszenen” No. 7 is my second favorite piece, after Nocturne 9-2. I also like the way you organize your blog, it looks so elegant. Thank you for sharing.

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