An Easy Way to Do Market Research

An Easy Way to Do Market Research

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Why You Need to Do Market Research

Really understanding your audience and their needs is key when launching a new product or service. Here are the top reasons why you need to do market research. Then we’ll dive into an easy way to do market research.

  1. You won’t know if what you’re selling is actually wanted.
  2. Doing market research is key to understanding your customers pain points.
  3. Market research allows you to write copy directly to your audience.

Ready for this? Let’s get started!

The answer- Facebook Groups!

The easiest way to do market research is through Facebook groups. Here’s what I mean. First, you’ll want to join a lot of groups your target market would hang out in. You can look for connections to your ideal audience in these categories: affinity specific, location specific, or career specific. We dive deeper into each of these in the podcast. Next, you’ll want to follow these three steps:

Start by searching for keywords

First, start by searching keywords. Make sure to search all groups at once. Then, filter by date. You can even filter by posts you haven’t seen.

Determine how this will help you

Next, determine how this will help you. You can synthesize some of the information like this:

  • Find out which problems are common so you know you have a market.
  • Understand their problems so you can create something that will help.
  • Find out exactly what words they use to talk about it so you can put that in your copy.
  • Find people who want what you have to offer.

How to interact in Facebook groups

When performing your market research, there are a few important things to keep in mind. What you post and how you give back will determine how likely others are to interact with you. Providing engaging, encouraging content is the best.

  • Show up often and be helpful.
  • Don’t sell to them. Instead, have a conversation with them.
  • Ask them before sending links.

As always, be respectful. Spammy tactics never go over well. That’s it for today! Listen to the full episode for all the fun, practicality!

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