What to Send Your Email List

What to Send Your Email List

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Last time I shared with you some starting steps to start your email list. This week I want to talk about what you should actually include in your emails! This will not be a step-by-step list or an exhaustive list, but some ideas to help get you started. You should choose the content that makes the most sense for your business!

What to Send to Your Email List

Share your content

Providing free content consistently to your audience is so important to build that know/like/trust factor. You want that so that they want to buy from you or they refer their friends to you! I believe that you should be sharing some form of content every single week with your email audience. It doesn’t mean that you have to pick one form of content and consistently post that kind of content every single week. Just provide at least one piece of free content on any platform and share it with your email list. It can be a blog post, a podcast episode, an Instagram Reel, or a live video.  

Keep them up to date on your products/services

You also want to let your audience know about your products and services! One of the best ways to do this is through a welcome sequence when they download your lead magnet. I will have a future post about welcome sequences, so stay tuned! But you should also periodically send them updates along with your emails! You want to make sure they remember who you are and what you do.

Plus, some people that received your welcome sequence at an earlier time might not have been ready to buy then. So you want to be sure they consistently get reminded about what you do. Be careful with this one though!!! If someone feels like you’re selling to them rather than providing value to them, they might not want to keep getting your emails! I believe that the majority of your content to your email list should be providing value to them, not selling. 

Give them sneak peeks of your new projects

If you are starting something new, your email list is a great place to share about it with your audience! They will feel like they are getting inside information. People love being the first to know about something! You can even share sneak peeks of the actual material or content (sparingly, of course!) It’s also a great way to build excitement so that when you do launch they can celebrate with you! Better yet, it will make them more likely to want to buy from you!

Bring them on a journey 

This is something I learned while listening to one of Amy Porterfield’s podcast episodes! If you are starting something new, learning a new skill, or just have a process for something you do, you have a perfect opportunity to serve your email list! For example, I am actually new to the world of email marketing. So I decided to just learn as much as I can starting from square one. And I’ve invited my audience to learn along with me! So each week after I’ve done my research, I share what I learned with my audience. That’s what this post is a part of actually! It’s giving me consistent content to blog about but also to share with my audience and provide them value.

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