Authenticity & Attracting The Clients You Want

Authenticity & Attracting The Clients You Want

Honesty, Authenticity, and Connection are core values for me. Yet they’re so lacking in the business world. Let’s be honest. Business is hard. And being a solopreneur is even harder. Some days we feel like we’re rocking it, and some days we feel like we are failures. Sometimes that even changes hour by hour.

On today’s episode, Stephanie Acker from Design The Experience talks with me about Showing Up As Yourself To Attract the Clients You Want. Stephanie shares with us how a personal tragedy led her to leave her magazine life & build her life as an entrepreneur. We talk showing up as yourself, the importance of community, and what you can do right now to give your website better performance on search engines.

Community as an Entrepreneur

Community is important. We all need those people to help pick us up when we are feeling down. I believe we need others to reach our full potential. Everyone deserves to have a business bestie that cheers them on, supports them, and helps them.

Attraction Marketing

Our conversation on imposter syndrome & self doubt led us to talk about attraction marketing. Especially for solopreneurs, it’s important to hold a mirror up to yourself and get really clear on who you are. How are you going to show up to your audience? Once you are really clear about who you are you can start to express that online. And then you’ll attract clients that want to be connected with you.

Craving Connection

Why do you think Tiktok is so popular? And why are instagram stories more popular than instagram posts? Stephanie is on to something when she says that it’s because we all crave connection. In a world of fake news and fake photos, we want something real.

What do you want your brand voice to sound like? If you aren’t clear on that your message will be confusing to others. Once you’re able to nail down your brand voice & experience you will see more results. It can help you write ads and get more clients.

Stephanie is the Chief Experience Designer of Design The Experience. Her business empowers small businesses to grow and be more successful without spending thousands of dollars to do it. The Marketing Mastered is a membership platform designed to help you learn how to market your business & it’s all broken down into 10-minute or less bite-sized trainings & tips. 

This conversation was so inspiring to me and I related to Stephanie so much. I love her honesty. This episode was originally published on the TuesdaysTogether Greenville Podcast.

Are you feeling alone in business? I can help. Contact me to learn how to find your community.


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