How to Beat Overwhelm & Get Control of Your Thoughts

How to Beat Overwhelm & Get Control of Your Thoughts

How to Take Back Control of Your Thoughts, Beat Overwhelm, & Find Your Path with Life Coach Kristen Alanah

It’s a great one for you today! Kristen Alanah is a life coach in Greenville for overwhelmed millenial women. She helps women ditch the feeling over overwhelm & live a more intentional life. She’s also the host of the Overwhelmed to Intentional Podcast. 

Kristen’s parents are both entrepreneurs. They inspired her to become a business owner. She always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. Like many of us, she explored her options in college. She started in fashion design and switched to textile design. Textile design became an avenue for involvement in the creative community for Kristen. After a few years in textile design, she felt the pull to impact people through her work. Next, through some yoga training, she started learning about mindset work.

After some twists & turns (like we all go through!) she realized the power of thoughts & shifted to coaching. She’s a certified coach & helps women beat overwhelm. As creatives, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. We take on a lot. Kristen helps us unlock those pieces!

Why We Get Overwhelmed

Today, Kristen tells us her journey to becoming a life coach. She teaches us a framework to overcome those pesky thoughts that keep us from living with intention. She’s going to help us learn to fight overwhelm. We also talk about how multi-passionate entrepreneurs can find their place in the business world. 

Kristen says we think overwhelm is happening because of the circumstances in our lives. But it actually is happening because of the thoughts we have about those circumstances. There are circumstances that are neutral. What we do with those circumstances leads to our thoughts. The thought creates a feeling, and the feeling leads to actions. We tend to act from our feeings. Then, that creates a result. Burnout, overwhelm, etc.

When we have a negative feeling, it’s easy to let that feeling cloud our thoughts. But we have control over our feelings because we have control over our thoughts. The first step is to recognize the negative thought associated with the circumstance. You can decide to change your thoughts. Kristen shows overwhelmed millenial women how to change those thoughts.

Overcoming Negative Thoughts

When you have control over your feelings, it’s liberating. Overwhelm can feel like a prison, but we can break free from that. The first question is to ask yourself WHY. Why are you overwhelmed? That pinpoints your thoughts that are leading to a feeling. She encourages us to practice self-compassion when we experience these feelings and recognize our thoughts.

The more you recognize your thoughts, the more you will notice patterns in your behavior and thought life. If you need help with this, you an work with Kristen. She can help you take that next step to beating overwhelm.

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