Visibility in Your Business

April 18, 2022

What Does Visibility Mean?

Visibility is always evolving. It used to be just posting on Instagram and having a cohesive brand and making sure your grid was cohesive. Now it encompases so many more things. It gets so much more of a holistic view of your business and what you’re putting out there. It’s lives, reels, stories, tiktok, facebook, and blog posts coming together to present a view of your brand. It’s everything you put out in your brand along with your face as well.

What if it’s overwhelming? How to break it down

A holistic approach to visibility can be freeing. Less but better is what we are going for. It’s okay if you aren’t posting every day on social media. What matters is that you use the right tool for the message. It’s all about the message. Sometimes the message is best conveyed through a YouTube video better than a blog post. So instead of being overwhelmed by all the tools, think about which tool will work best for your message. It doesn’t have to be everything at the same time. Content about best posing will be better for a video than a blog post.

What if you don’t want to use the newest tool?

I get it, it can be scary to break into a new tool. But remember that dancing videos isn’t all that TikTok is for. You can use the new tool but you can use it in a way that makes sense for you and feels authentic for you and your brand.

It’s All About Your Message & Your Ideal Customer

Establish Your Own Expertise in the Wide Market

The point of visibility is to establish your expertise. A lot of people are talking about a lot of things all the time. Being visible is about showing your smarts, confidence, and showing your face, and creating mindful content that serves. You want them to trust you so that they want to pay you.

Your following might be other people in your industry following you. That’s okay. Remember you can still do business with a lot of followers or a few. The clients are out there looking to see who is relevant and who is engaged. Even if your followers are fellow business owners, you want to make sure your message is geared to your client. Keep your eye on the prize. Who is your account for? Keep that at the forefront of your messaging at all times. (Side note – you can use to find analytics about your account)

What about imposter syndrome? How to step into the expertise role

The biggest hurdle to stepping into a position of expertise is the mindset. To help your mindset, you need to exercise your content muscle. It’s literally a muscle you need to work out. Don’t look at someone who has been doing this for a while and compare yourself to them. Renée talks about how half of the photos on her Instagram she doens’t like. But she has to remember that the way other people see her isn’t how she sees herself.

Her best advice is to just start.

The first time you step into something new is going to feel awkward. Everything requires practice. Making start small but then push yourself to practice. Maybe make a small goal to post a photo of your face if you’re having trouble. Or focus on telling a story. What stories do you want to tell about your business? Focus on the message and just get out there and practice.

How to Curate Your Topics to Craft Holistic Content

Go back to the core values of your business. Get back into why you are in business. Do some digging. For Renée it’s that she wants her clients to have fun. It’s about philanthropy and respect. So for Renée that looks like sometimes highlighting a member of her team and talking about how she is amazing. Knowing the core values can help you know what to post. Make a schedule for yourself and stick to it. It doesn’t have to be very complicated.

Keep Your Values At the Front

Let your core values be your guiding light! What are your goals in your business and what is really important to you? Talk about those things on your page and in your content. Prioritize what is most important. That means you don’t talk about everything! Don’t be afraid to use your voice and be yourself, even if that means being silly if that’s you too!

What if You Haven’t Shown Up in a While?

Don’t apologize, call it out, or mention it. We have all been through it. Just start talking about something. Just start! Share a new wedding you did or something you did for yourself. Maybe talk about the time you take off! You can even make that part of your content to show your clients that you take time off. It can be neutral. Just move forward. Have a lot of grace for yourself and others.

Start Today.

If you haven’t been working on visibility in your business, that’s okay. Give yourself grace. Just start today. Share something that is going to move your business forward. Don’t be afraid of your thoughts or sharing your feelings. That’s what people want to hear and see.

Next, work on the mindset. And even with that, it just takes practice. Remember that people don’t have the big, negative thoughts about ourselves that we do. We move in and out of their consciousness so quickly. Renée says her biggest piece of advice is to schedule a branding photo session right now to give yourself some content. You need content! Make it easy for you and just start. Remember that it’s not easy for everyone. It just takes practice. Trust yourself to show up.

About Renée

Wedding planning wasn’t always in the cards for Renée. Instead, what started out as a seemingly one-time favor for a friend evolved into a thriving side-hustle to her acting career. When it was her turn to walk down the aisle, she flipped the script and discovered that the wedding industry was truly where she belonged. Shortly after her “I do’s,” she started Moxie Bright Events, a boutique wedding planning company, and never looked back.

It wasn’t long before fellow industry pros were looking to her for advice. With over 13 years of experience under her belt, Renée turned her knowledge towards the advancement of the industry as a whole and launched her top-notch educational resources for event pros. In addition to her self-guided Wedding Management e-course, Renée is also the founder and host of the popular B2B podcast, Talk With Renée Dalo.

Renée is a fan favorite on the speaker circuit, taking the stage at conferences across the country, including Alt Summit, Wedding MBA, and The Special Event, among others. She is recognized across the industry, having earned coveted spots on Honeybook’s 20 On The Rise list and BizBash’s Most Influential Event Pros List She contributes frequently to industry publications. She currently serves as the President of WIPA Southern California and has also held leadership roles in The Association of Bridal Consultants and The Rising Tide Society.

Find Renee at moxiebrightevents and @reneedalo and Talk with Renee Dalo.

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