Finding Community as a Handmade Business Owner

April 22, 2022

Title card with white text on a light blue background. It says finding community as a handmade and multi passionate business owner. Christi is wearing a denim jacket and danielle is wearing a black shirt. she is standing in front of some of her handmade creations.

Danielle is a multi-passionate business owner. She owns Reinvintage Warehouse in Spartanburg which is a collective retail store of artists, makers, curators, collectors all housed under one roof.  She’s also an artist & a maker – she creates her own handmade products under her brand MADE by Danielle. She’s been creating & selling products for over 10 years. She is the host of the Makers Chat Podcast, AND she is an incredible educator. She helps handmade business owners build & grow their businesses through online courses and a membership group.

Danielle & I talk about how she builds community through her retail store, the freedom being a small-business owner provides, and how you can turn your hobby into a business and make it work for you.

This podcast was originally posted on the Rising Tide Greenville podcast. The Rising Tide Society is a community that exists to empower the creative economy and unite small business owners in the spirit of community over competition. We believe that you were built to belong, that you’re not alone, & that there is power in community.

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