The Importance of Business Strategy

The Importance of Business Strategy

When implementing goals in your business, it is crucial to remember the importance of strategy. As a small business owner or creative entrepreneur, it can be tempting to just try everything and copy what others are doing. It can be hard to identify your goals and strategize on how you want to accomplish them.

If your approach to business is “try everything,” it can feel overwhelming and push you to buy into things that aren’t specifically helpful to what you need in your business. With continual comparison and lack of goals, you will be disappointed. Here are some practical tips to help you add strategy to your goal setting.

How to Create Strategy in Your Biz

Before you start anything, write your goals out and your “why” behind them.

1. What is your objective?

Objectives will help you be more honed in on your goal. For example, if your objective is for your images to show up more on the internet, the copy of your blog might not matter as much. Knowing your objective will save you time because you’ll know what to prioritize.

2. What results do you hope to see?

Be specific in the results you hope to see. For example, your desired result might be that you want to receive 5 inquiries from Google based on increased SEO on your blogs. The results will indicate if you have achieved your objective.

If you’re not achieving your desired results, you may need to go back and tweak your strategy.

The Strategy Challenge

For the next 30 days recognize the importance of strategy in your business by identifying a specific goal, writing down the objectives and desired results, and making a plan to follow through. This will help you be fully committed and focused on your goal and strategy. This can be used in marketing, leveling up your client experience, networking, any other area of business, or even in your personal life.

Why Strategy is so Important

Having a strategy will help you determine if you’ve achieved your goal. In addition, it will save you time, stress, and feelings of imposter syndrome. Having a strategy will empower you to follow through on your goals without fear or doubt. Over time and with consistency, these strategies will help you see growth in your business.

A resource that will help you find freedom in your business and accomplish your goals is the short mini-course Crush your Goals with Christi. In this mini-course, you’ll learn how to consistently set goals and create a strategy to see them through.

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