Increasing Your Productivity with Sarah Ziesler

Increasing Your Productivity with Sarah Ziesler

Increasing Your Productivity with Sarah Ziesler

Are you a business owner struggling to get things done? Productivity is a constant struggle sometimes! Well, not anymore! Business Strategist, Sarah Ziesler joins me on the podcast today to talk about how to tap into your intuitive time management skills & increase your productivity! Listen below!

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Increasing Your Productivity starts with Goal Setting

Before you can increase your productivity, you have to set goals. And the most important part about setting goals is setting the right goals! Your goals should be totally aligned with you. And, they should follow the SMART goal system. They should be specific, measuable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Each one of these are so important. Want help setting goals? Check out this episode on Goal Setting!

Tap Into Your Intuition

Not only do your goals need to be aligned with you, but you should also be leaving room for your intuition to tap in. One of the biggest mistakes people make with goal setting is time blocking! Time blocking leaves no room for creative energy and intuition. With Sarah’s Intuitive Time Management System, she teaches her clients how to find a system that works for them. It’s all about tapping into flow as much as you can. Instead of time blocking, consider blocking days instead of hours. This will allow you more flexibility to follow what aligns with you!

The Top 3 Method

The top 3 method is also super helpful when it comes to setting goals and increasing your productivity. Everything comes into play here. Your goals and your intuition can work together to pick just 3 things to focus on. Choosing 3 will help give structure to your day but also leave a bit of room for flexibility. Sarah suggests choosing the 3 things to focus on the night before your work day.

Feeling Stuck? Let’s Get You Help!

If you’re feeling stuck and not able to achieve your goals, reach out to Sarah! She’s an incredible strategist and can help get you what you need to get going. Also, follow her on Instagram to get her productivity challenge!

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