Cultivating Habits for Success

Cultivating Habits for Success

Habits are so important! Stephen Covey said, “you are what you repeatedly do.” And that’s true! Your habits show what you value. Often, our habits show where we spend most of our time. Today, I want to share with you my game-changing habits for 2021 and 3 ways to help make sure your habits stick. Let’s dive in!

Game-Changing Habits for 2021

Prioritize Health: Spiritual, Physical, & Mental

These are some of the habits I’ve incorported into my life to really set me up for success.

  • Mental health
    • No social media between 6pm and 9am
  • Spiritual health
    • Quiet time every day
    • Connect with my community every week
  • Physical health
    • Move my body every day
    • Alter my eating habits

Make my morning routine non-negotiable

Secondly, making my morning routine non-negotiable has been a game changer. I don’t accomplish it every day, but I regret it when I don’t! So I try, as much as possible, to make it non-negotiable. Do whatever it takes! Some strategies that have helped me are:

  • Putting my phone in another room at night so I
    • Have to get up to turn off the alarm
    • Don’t look at social media before bed
  • Have standing morning appointments
    • Workout group from 6-7AM MWF
    • Prayer/Bible study with a friend at 6:30AM on Tuesdays

3 Ways to Ensure Your Habits Stick

1. Pair new habits with an existing habits

Do you have a habit you already do like make coffee in the morning? Brush your teeth? Or take your dog out for a walk? If so, you can try pairing a new habit you want to cultivate with one that you already do. For example, if you want to cultivate a new habit of drinking more water, you can put your water bottle out by the dog leash & take your water bottle with you when you take out your dog to remind you to drink water!

2. Use a habit tracker

Habit trackers are also a great way to help your habits stick. You can find plenty of habit tracker apps, or you can make one yourself using a journal! Certain personality types work well with habit trackers because they can’t stand having un-checked boxes 🙂

3. Involve other people in your habits

One of the absolute BEST ways to make sure your habits stick is to involve other people. If I want to pray more throughout my day, I set up a time to call a friend & pray with her. If I want to work out more, I sign up for a workout class with other people.

Also you can even do ALL THREE! For example, I really wanted to read my Bible every day in 2021, but I’ve been really bad at this in the past! So I started a Bible reading plan with a couple of my friends in the Bible app. When I make my coffee in the morning, I sit down & do the reading (pairing it with an existing habit!) Then, I check it off in the Bible app (habit tracker). And I can see when my friends have done theirs too, so it gives me extra motivitation to stay with it (involve other people). This is the perfect system for someone like me who has struggled to stay consistent with habits!

What’s your favorite way to be consistent with habits? Let me know in the comments below!

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