Business Education: Why It’s Worth It & How to Not Waste Your Money!

Business Education: Why It’s Worth It & How to Not Waste Your Money!

investing in business education

Why Invest in Business Education?

Investing in education as a business owner is one of the best things you can do to jump start your business. Finding the right resources can potentially save you YEARS of time! It can help you know your craft better and give you a roadmap to success. Not only that, the right education can allow you to charge more. Katelyn James talks about the 3 Es of Pricing: Experience, Equipment, and Education. Whenever you increase in one of those areas, you can begin to charge more! Also, investing in education can help you build your community. I’ve met some of my biggest cheerleaders, friends, & mentors through educational experiences!

How to Find Business Education

Like everything, the best place to start is with your community. Ask them! Ask people you follow who they learned from. If you are a part of any Facebook groups, ask in the group where you can learn more about a topic! Another place you can find educators is through ads. I don’t know about you, but Facebook knows when I am looking for something! I regularly get ads from educators. You can also do a simple Google search. When searching Google or following someone through an ad, it’s important to do some extra research as well to make sure they are legit.

Researching Educators

If you come across a piece of business education in an ad or through searching, you’ll want to do some research. First, ask your community if anyone has heard of them! You can also read their testimonials on their website. Don’t rely solely on those though, since they are inherently put there to make you want to buy from that educator. Find out how long an educator has been in business and what their background is. Also, take part of their free content! Most educators will have freebies for you. Do they give value in their freebies? Does it make you want to come back for more? You may also want to ask yourself if you can get this information elsewhere & compare offerings. All of these things can help you decide whether or not an educator is right for you.

What about webinars?

Before we end, I want to say a word about webinars. Webinars are built all around sales psychology. They’re made to be convincing! I am very easily persuaded by webinars. So I have to make sure to do my research before hitting that buy button! I would encourage you to do the same thing. Think about the value the webinar gave you. Did you learn anything? Are there any freebies you can start with first? Also, it’s a good idea to wait a day or two before buying. Most educators will have their sales up for a couple of days. Even if they say there’s “live bonuses,” they often give them away anyways to those that sign up. If they don’t, it doesn’t hurt to ask later! Just think before you buy! That alone can save yourself a lot of money.

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