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March 18, 2019

kingsbridge photography best of 2018

Hi, friends! Today I want to share my images that received awards in the 2019 Shoot & Share Contest!

The Shoot & Share Contest is one of the largest photo contests in the world. In total, photographers from 144 different countries submitted over 500,000 images. This was my second year entering the contest, and I had 8 photos receive awards! I had photos in the Top 20% and Top 30% of all photos. Yipee!

The Shoot & Share contest is such a great contest because any photographer can enter! Whether you’re a novice or a professional, there’s room for you. The process is so easy, and FREE. Voting is not based on the photographer’s popularity, and people don’t lobby for votes. Voting is based on the images alone! When voting, you are presented with 4 different photos in that category and you choose your favorite. As images receive votes, they move on to the next round. You don’t see anything about the photo like who took it or where it was taken until after the results are tabulated. Voting is so much fun!

If you’re a photographer and you haven’t ever entered the Shoot & Share Contest, you should try it! It’s super easy, and it’s great to look back on your images and pick your favorites. Each photographer is allowed to enter 50 images.

This post doubles as my Best of 2018 Post! I chose my best images from 2018 to enter in the contest.It was SO HARD to choose only my top 50 photos. There were so many more moments that I wanted to include!!! I truly have the BEST clients! Keep scrolling to see all of the images that I chose! I linked each couple’s blog posts, so be sure to check those out as well!

Shoot & Share Contest 2019 Images

shoot & Share 2019

Austin & Emily | Top 20% Award | Wedding Couple Category

shoot & share 2019

Emily’s Bridals | Top 30% Award | The Bride Category

shoot and share

Kelley & Tyler | Top 30% Award | Wedding Details Category

shoot and share contest

Emily’s Bridals | Top 30% Award | The Bride Category

shoot and share

Alex & Amanda | Top 20% Award | Wedding Couple Category

shoot and share

Lydia & Seth | Top 20% Award | Engagement/Couples Category

shoot and share

Ashley & Mark | Top 30% Award | Wedding Couple Category

shoot and share

Austin & Emily | Top 20% Award | The Bride Category

Kingsbridge Photography Best of 2018

Check out the rest of the images that I entered into the contest below! What do you think? Do you agree with the results? Comment below and let me know your favorite images!

Logan & Emily’s Kiawah Island Anniversary Session

I just love these two!! I got to photograph their wedding in 2016 on Kiawah Island, and it worked out for me to be able to take their anniversary photos this past year as well! We had such a blast chasing the light together. For some crazy reason, I never blogged this session. I’ll get on that!! Enjoy these previews for now:

Chase & Alexandra’s Anniversary Session

Chase & Alexandra came to the upstate for the anniversary session, and it did not disappoint! It was pouring buckets 10 minutes before we were supposed to start shooting. Check out the link above to view more!

Mark & Ashley’s Wedding 

Mark & Ashley’s sunrise first look was truly EPIC. You don’t want to miss it! This wedding brought some of my favorite portraits ever!!!


Lydia & Seth’s Engagement Session at Pretty Place

This is another session that I didn’t blog! What?! We had all sorts of weather in our photos. Fog, sun, and SNOW! I can’t wait to share their full blog post with you. But enjoy these sneaks!

Lucy & Marcus

Lucy is one of my BEST friends and it was an honor to photograph her Pretty Place wedding. This is one of my all-time favorite shots that I’ve ever taken. I still can’t believe it didn’t win an award in the Shoot & Share Contest! Oh well, I still love that I was able to capture this moment for Lucy! The rose petals were her mom’s idea!!!

Lydia & Seth’s Charleston Wedding

We couldn’t have asked for more picture-perfect weather than this! Lydia & Seth’s elegant wedding in Charleston was as sweet as ever! I know this one was in January 2019, but I couldn’t resist including it in this post.

Leslie & Austin’s Wedding

This is my favorite image from Leslie & Austin’s wedding at The Loom! Their whole day was just beautiful, and their tasteful inclusion of their alma mater, Clemson, was epic.

Kelley & Tyler’s Wedding 

This was my first time visiting Maryland, and it was unbelievable! There are so many things I love about this wedding, from her blush and lavender details to her stunning bouquet that she MADE, and the amazing Maryland scenery. It was beautiful!

Kelley & Tyler’s Engagement Session

Kelley & Tyler’s Engagement Session at Miliken Arboretum was a BLAST!! They woke up at the crack of dawn to be there just as the sun rose. And it was WORTH IT. Especially since we also caught these blooms!

Sam & Susie’s Anniversary Session

I am SO glad I got to hang out with these two again! We took these images at my in-laws property and it was the best day! They are so sweet and I just love Susie’s smile!

Emily’s Bridals

Classic. Timeless. Elegant. Need I say more? I love Emily so much!

Austin & Emily’s Wedding

Emily & Austin’s Wedding at Gassaway Mansion was absolutely perfect. It’s pretty obvious why their photos made up HALF of my awards in the Shoot & Share Contest. They’re just that beautiful, and the Gassaway Mansion is so classic.

Christa & Jesse’s Wedding 

This wedding at Pretty Place Chapel and Dupont State Forest took place at the most beautiful fall weekend!!! 2 weeks earlier the colors had barely started to change. And I will never forget how the clouds parted for them just in time for their ceremony so we could see the incredible view!!!

Chris & Diana’s Wedding

Chris & Diana’s wedding was my first wedding that I ever shot at Pretty Place. It was intimate, beautiful, and oh so sweet. I am so happy for these two!!! Aside from Diana’s exquisite dress, her bouquet was AMAZING.

Alex & Amanda’s Proposal Session

This was a highlight of my year for sure because Alex & Amanda are sweet friends and because I got to help Alex plan his proposal to Amanda!!! Be sure to check out their engagement session too! 

THANK YOU to all of my 2018 clients! It was a true pleasure!



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