How To Slay Your To Do List Every Day

How To Slay Your To Do List Every Day

Why Managing Your To Do List is Hard

We all struggle with staying on top of our to do list. Part of it is because we wrongly equate our self-worth with productivity. We are also just bad at estimating time. We forget that things come up, and then when we don’t accomplish things as quickly as we think we should, we feel like failures. It’s time to stop equating our self-worth with productivity. There is a better system for accomplishing our to-do list tasks!

The Simple System for Slaying Your To Do List Daily

I’m going to give you the answer right up front at the top of this post. The best way to slay your to do list every day is to limit the amount of tasks on your list to 3 things. That’s it. Only 3.

Why the 3-Task Method Words for Your To Do List

  1. It helps you prioritize tasks that will move your business forward
  2. You will always be making progress, and little by little progress adds up
  3. It allows space in your schedule for everyday tasks that come up
  4. You can be spontaneous when you feel like it
  5. It provies an easy-to-follow structure to propel you into action

Tips & Words of Caution

If you’re an overachiever like me, it’s important to resist the urge to say “man, if I work really hard I can have a SUPER productive day and accomplish way more than 3 things!” Don’t do that. What if you spent more time living your life than being stuck to your to do list?

This works really well if you are already breaking down your projects into actionable steps. Check out Episode 8 of the podcast for more about that. Also, if you’re working on something big that day, you can have that as one task and add 3 other super easy and quick tasks to the list. Make sure all of your tasks are specific and not too large (i.e. “outline sales funnels” instead of trying to build them all in one day as one task).

Check out for an awesome to do list you can buy! It is just a pad with “Today’s 3 Things” in big letters at the top and gives you space to write them out and check it off. I can’t wait to get mine in the mail!

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