The Only Voice You Really Need to Listen To

The Only Voice You Really Need to Listen To

the only voice you need to listen to and how to find it

The Only Voice You Really Need to Listen To

We hear a lot of voices every day. Social media, opinions of friends, family, and even strangers, business coaches and courses, and even ourselves. Sometimes it’s so confusing and frustrating and we don’t know which voice to listen to!!

People like to tell me what I SHOULD do. They tell me I should coach swimming, teach piano, do this business idea or that business idea. Sometimes all the voices are equally loud and I don’t know what to do.

I think it’s true that you have to listen to yourself or you will feel frustrated. But what if your voice isn’t reliable? What if you’ve been so swayed by all the other voices that you don’t even know where you stand?

Listen to God’s Voice

But how do you do that? How can you know if what you are hearing is God’s voice or someone else’s? Here are 4 steps to listen to God’s voice and know which voice to listen to

Be in the Word constantly

Have a vision for your life based on Scripture

Define success based on Scripture 

Find your calling

I use to struggle with knowing how to connect God’s glory to my daily life and my work, but really it doesn’t have to be vague. Your internal, spiritual callings as a Christian inform your practical callings and spill over into your roles. It comes through constant self-reflection, constant reliance on the Holy Spirit, and a lot of journaling.

For more tips on finding your calling, check out this article from Desiring God.

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