Save Hours of Work With Workflows

Save Hours of Work With Workflows

how to save yourself hours of work in your business with workflows

Workflows are KEY to saving yourself hours of work. I think having great ones set up is one of the most important things as a business owner. Today I’m going to talk about the top reasons why you should have workflows set up in your business and how it can save you hours of work!! 

What is a Workflow?

A workflow is just the series of steps you take to get something done. It’s a repeatable pattern, and it should be organized int he fewest possible steps in the most logical sequence. You can also think of a workflow as a series of processes, or you can use workflow and process synonymously, depending on how extensive your workflow is.

You can have a workflow for anything in your business: culling, editing, booking, posting blogs, a wedding workflow, a daily workflow, email sequences, invoicing processes, accounting, and creating graphics.

Why do you need workflows? 

Workflows are so important for multiple reasons!!

  1. Workflows help you stay organized
  2. They help you stay consistent
  3. Good workflows help you stay focused
  4. They save you time
  5. They give your clients a consistent experience

How can a Workflow Save You Time?

A workflow saves time because it gives you a consistent pattern to get stuff done. If you follow the same pattern over and over again, you won’t get caught up in the extra details. Not only that, you typically set them up in a logical sequence with the fewest number of steps. It’s all about combining both efficiency and effectiveness.

For example, my blog post process used to be all over the place. I would sit there in the blog editor and think about a topic. I would try to optimize my headings and keywords at the same time while I was writing the post. And I didn’t have a good system for putting in graphics.

My Blog Workflow

Now, I follow a logical pattern for how I post my blogs. First, I brainstorm my topics. Then, I put all the topics in my Project Management System (I use Trello) and put them on the calendar. Then, two weeks before the due dates of the posts, I batch write the posts for that week. First, I write in Google Docs so I can let the content flow. Once I’ve written all of that week’s posts, I put them into my blog editor and optimize each one for SEO. Then I go through and make the graphics and optimize those for SEO.

Because I don’t jump around, I can write blog posts in half the time! It saves me hours of work per week!

If you want to hear more about why I love workflows as well as hear some tips for creating your own, check out my recent IGTV Video! It’s part of my series called Dinner Chats With Christi where I make a Dinnerly meal while talking about business.

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