Writing a Welcome Sequence: The Second Email

Writing a Welcome Sequence: The Second Email

writing welcome sequence

If you didn’t catch the first episode introducing welcome sequences & how to write the first email, go back and listen to it before you start!  Today I’m sharing about writing a welcome sequence: the second email!

Introduction to Welcome Sequences

When writing each email, make sure you keep in mind the goal of your qelcome sequence. What action do you want them to take after writing your welcome sequence? Do you want them to purchase a course, sign up for a coaching package, or hire you for your services? Whatever it is, keep this goal in mind when you’re writing each email. You want your product to be the logical next step for them.

In the first email, you want to introduce yourself. As you do, tell them about the things related to what you are offering them! You can also include personal details so that they can feel more connected to you & get a glimpse of your personality.

Writing the Second Email

The second email is where you present the problem that they are struggling with. Get in their shoes. Whatever problem you are solving for them, talk about it here.

If you’re a designer, your clients may have a million great ideas but lack a website that makes them feel professional. Maybe they feel like their branding is holding them back 

If you’re a business coach, your potential clients may experience overwhelm their business & need help prioritizing their goals. Or maybe they just wish someone would tell them what to do to get their business set up. Perhaps they’ve tried googling how to form an llc but they’re so frustrated by all the steps & lack of good education

If you help people create courses, your potential clients may be stuck at their desks & frustrated. They want to get away from their desk and start living their life. Maybe they want to generate passive income. Or maybe they know what they want to teach but they’re confused about the tech aspect.

With everything you say, you want to put the spotlight on them and flip that “she gets me switch,” as my friend Steph Woods calls it. Focus on emotions & how they feel. Use stories to paint a picture for them so that they can imagine themselves as you are speaking to them.

Be sure to include actual things that your product or service will solve, and make sure that your subject line really pulls them in!

Key Tips

First, you need to know which problem you’re solving – what do you help people do? One exercise you can try is to write down 100 things you want your client to feel after working with you. This will give you so many feeling words to pull from for your email! You can also use words from actual clients through market research or testimonials. Or you can write your StoryBrand Script and use some of those words.

Another great exercise is to go through your inbox & read emails that have stood out to you. What made you want to open them? Pay attention to their subject lines What grabs you in? And as you’re reading what makes you want to keep reading? Take notes about things you like & that resonate with you.

Welcome Sequence Writing Tips

  • Keep it short. Paragraphs should be no more than a few sentences. 
  • Use bold text for emphasis. 

Example Second Email

Here’s my email as an example!

Hey friend!

​I got a question for you! Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Feeling like you can never take a break because if you do you’ll fall behind
  • Wanting to accomplish more, but you just aren’t sure where to start
  • Having things left on your to do list at the end of the day
  • Wanting to go hang out with your friends but you’re stuck at your desk (or your couch or bed, let’s be honest)
  • Getting on Instagram for “networking” but you end up comparing yourself to others or get jealous of other people living their dream life but you don’t have yours
  • Seeing other people killing it with their new program, new training, new service, and you can’t imagine how on earth they have the time to do that (like, you just put out 10 new reels today?! seriously?!)

​If any of that sounds like you, friend, I want you to know one thing: You are not alone.

I have been there, done that, got the tshirt!!!!

But guess what, there is a better way!!!!

If you’re tired of feeling like you can’t measure up, stay tuned because tomorrow I want to share with you how to get out of that rut!

​You’ve got this!

​Cheering you on,


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