How to Slow Down as a Business Owner

How to Slow Down as a Business Owner

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Tips for How to Slow Down

As a business owner, the success of our business rest on our shoulders. That can be an immense weight to carry alone. As a result, we can find ourselves saying “yes” more often than we can count and getting into the busiest schedules possible. While being ambitious and doing all the things can be fun an exhilarating, it’s important to take time to slow down and focus on self care. On today’s podcast episode, we’re going to walk through a process for how to slow down as a business owner.

Triage Mode: the times when overwhelm sets in and you have to make urgent decisions on what is most important and what to do next.

When you find yourself here as a business owner, first practice self-compassion. We’ve been there, and just because you might be overwhelmed in this current season of business doesn’t mean you are failing as a business owner. Next, ask for help. In our individualistic culture, we want to put up walls and not admit our vulnerabilities. However, asking for help from your trusted community is life-giving. Don’t shy away from that. Here are some additional tips for working in triage mode:

  • Eliminate what’s not important (and maybe rethink what you’re calling important)
  • Be honest with the people in your life
  • Give yourself space to heal

Recovery: the stage or season of business right after triage mode. It may be a stage where you are feeling burnt out, worn out, or even checked out.

It’s easy to go from one extreme to the next. We feel overwhelmed and overworked in one season. Then we might feel totally different in a matter of months, weeks, or even days. When you are experiencing a calm after the storm, stop to reflect on your values. What do you want your life and business to feel like? When triage mode pops up again for you, how do you hope to handle it? Here are some more tips for things to consider during your recovery seasons:

  • Decide the best ways to make money
  • Streamline your processes
  • Implement life-giving habits

Normal life: to be honest, what truly is “normal” for an entrepreneur? You may not have typical days, but think of your “normal” season as day-to-day work and life without the extremes of triage or recovery.

During those more normal seasons, focus on those life-giving habits you cultivate during recovery. Just because things are going well doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to care for yourself. Something I personally love to do is ride my bike, and I make it a priority in my day no matter the workload. Keep up these life-giving habits actually helps us run our businesses better without running ourselves into the ground. Here are some more tips for your normal-paced seasons:

  • Set & hold to your boundaries
  • Take time to reflect
  • Practice Self Compassion
  • Invite others into your journey

I hope you enjoyed this episode all about how to slow down as a business owner. Tune in next week for even more business tips and encouragement!

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