3 Ways to Save Time & Reduce Stress While Working

3 Ways to Save Time & Reduce Stress While Working

3 easy ways to save time & reduce stress while working

3 Ways to Save Time & Reduce Stress While Working

Today I’m sharing about 3 ways to save time & reduce stress while working from home! This was originally an IGTV Video, but I’ve converted it into a blog post for you today!

1. Incorporate Batch Work into Your Schedule

Working in batches can save you so much time! Batch work is when you do multiple tasks of the same type in one sitting.

I’m also more productive when I focus on one task at a time. Jumping back and forth between things gives me more opportunity to get distracted by ads or different tabs or windows. Batch work helps me save time, yes, but it also helps me stay focused.

Some things that I do in my business in batches are writing podcast episodes. I write multiple lessons in one sitting, record episodes in one sitting, schedule and post in one sitting. I do the same thing with my lessons for my membership. For social media, I also batch schedule my social media posts.

Is there anything that you can batch work in your business? I want you to try it out. Make a list of things you currently do in your business that contain multiple steps, or use multiple different softwares, and see if you can group them together by type or by software.

Read more about Batch Work HERE.

2. Incorporate Time Blocking into Your Schedule

Time Blocking can also save you time! It saves you time because you are working in batches and you have extended amounts of time to really get in the zone and crank out some deep work. It also reduces your stress because it helps you organize your business tasks in a manageable way.

To get started with time blocking, first, make a list of every type of work you do in your business. Next, group all of those tasks into blocks. You can combine things like “send invoices to clients” and “manage automation softwares” into a group called “admin work.”

Next, you want to estimate how much time it takes you realistically to do these things. I also recommend dividing the blocks into “focused time” (what needs more concentration) and “relaxed time” (what you can do without thinking) or you can think projects vs actions, or think about when you are more productive/less productive in the day, or what you enjoy more vs. what you enjoy less. 

I recommend doing what you enjoy the least when you are more productive in the day. For me, I’m more productive in the mornings, so I do the tasks that I enjoy the least in the mornings. 

Now that we have these blocks of time written out, you can make your schedule and fit them in. Putting them on your schedule will help you make sure you never forget to do anything in your business.

You can learn more about Time Blocking HERE!

3. Use the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is probably my favorite way to get a lot of work done quickly & stress-free! When you have a lot of work to get done that you don’t want to do, just set yourself a timer for 25 minutes. Work on your task without distractions for 25 minutes. After the time is up, set another timer for 5 minutes and do whatever you want! Check your instagram, walk around, grab a snack, anything! After that 5 minutes, set another timer for 25 minutes and get back to work! Repeat this until your task is done or your time block is over.

I cannot tell you how much work I’ve been able to get done because of the Pomodoro Technique!! It’s SO effective especially when you don’t feel like doing any work or when you just have A LOT to get done and are stressed just thinking about it. It helps me stay motivated to see how much I can get done in the 25 minutes.

If you want to learn more about the Pomodoro Technique, click here! (this is not one of my own blog posts)

Check out my Instagram Live Video where I talk more in depth about these three methods!

If you want more help with productivity, check out my free class: How to Get It All Done Without All The Stress.

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